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Worming Bit for Horses or Ponies

Worming Bit for Horses or Ponies
Worming Bit for Horses or Ponies
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Worming Bit
Administering tubes of remedy to horses can be a  problem.   The new Dark Bay Worming Bit is an ideal solution.
The required worming paste, mineral  supplement or other tube-based remedy is firstly  fitted into the plastic bit.
The bit is then slipped into  the horse's mouth and the strap placed over the ears  where it is pulled up firm.
The tube content can then  be expelled in a controlled and convenient manner. 
The paste or remedy is placed correctly on the back  of the horse's tongue where it can not be expelled. 
The Dark Bay bit has a familiar feel for the horse thus calming the animal.
A special adaptor part is included in the bit pack for the purpose of fitting various sizes of paste syringes to make the Dark Bay bit truly universal.
The Dark Bay bit is made  of long lasting UV-stabilised materials for a long  useful life.

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