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Drink Accessories

Insulated drink bottles and coolers as well bottle openers and drink serving accessories.
Model: 4378
This little funnel is super cute and super handy!  Sick of trying to pour your hot sauce creations into a woozy bottle without a spill?  This little funnel will save all the grief! 5.5cm wide at the mouth and just 9mm wide at the exit point, this will fit our little hot sauce bottles. Also handy for pouring essential oils into bottles, getting spices into small jars and for filling up your hip f..
Ex Gst:$5.41
Model: 8902
The Oasis Eco Cup is the perfect cup for coffee on the go rather than buying takeaway cups which fill up the landfill.The cup has a 300ml or 400ml capacity and has a sealable lid which can be easily twisted open to allow drinking out of the cup on the go.The double wall insulation means the contents stay cold or hot for up to 1 hour.Made of recycled materials, you know you are doing th..
Ex Gst:$7.23
Model: 8828
The Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag is the perfect accessory for salads in a jar.The bag will fit 2 wide mouth quart or 2 pint and a half jars or smaller.The bags feature a side zipper pocket and a lined and spacious interior to keep your lunch perfectly chilled or warmed.They have carry handles and also a longer shoulder strap if preferred.The dimensions are 22 x 24 x 17cm.  Availa..
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Ex Gst:$15.00
Model: 3161
This is a great cleaner for narrow preserving jars and bottles.Bristles are made of soft blue silicone and provide excellent scrubbing power.Not suitable for bottles with narrow mouths such as many beer bottles and swing top bottles: if the internal diameter is at least 2.4cm the brush should fit inside.Length 35.5cm, head width 4.5cm..
Ex Gst:$6.32
Model: 7047
Finally a beer cooler which actually keeps your beer colder for longer!   Ozfarmer extensively road-tested this cooler against other beer coolers and this quality stainless cooler wins hands down!The double wall vacuum insulation in the Ultimate Beer Cooler will not only keep your beer cold for far longer than any standard cooler but it is also comfortable to hold and doesn’t chill your hands..
Ex Gst:$18.14
Model: SS straw straight
Straw Stainless Steel Drinking Straight, Great With Straw Lids And Handle Jars!Stainless steel straws add an elegance to any drink and are environmentally friendly as a bonus!Every year literally millions of plastic straws fill up land fills and cause death and injury to countless sea birds.Ditch the disposable straw and replace it with a reusable stainless straw.  Chemical free, reusa..
Ex Gst:$2.23
Model: Straw Brush
Ideal brushes for cleaning drinking straws such as the stainless steel straw.  The shaft is flexible enough to clean right into the bend of the straw.18cm long with 4mm diameter nylon brushes on twisted steel wire shaft...
Ex Gst:$2.68
Model: 4104
No farmhouse should be without a teapot for a good old fashioned cuppa!The teaology stainless steel teapot holds 950ml and has a removable infuser at the top for fuss free removal of tea leaves...
Ex Gst:$32.68
Model: 7041-1
We all know that sinking feeling: friends have come around and there is no cold white wine in the fridge.Panic no more!  The wine chill stick is a nifty device which can be easily stored in the freezer and will transform a hot and unappealing bottle of wine into a deliciously chilled drop in as little as 5 minutes.If you are not storing the wine stick in the freezer, you need to pop it in ..
Ex Gst:$18.14
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