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Stock Prodders

Optional 12V charger to suit Farmhand Rechargeable Prodder  ..
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These reliable prodders are supplied with 4 C Cell batteries located in a fully sealed compartment.The unit can cope with short term immersion in water (water resistant to IV45)Features on/off master switch to prevent accidental misuse and to eliminate any residual shock.Round cornered m..
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A very handy prodder holster to fit the handy cattle prodder, keeps the prodder in close hand when moving cattle also it fits well into most pockets. Prongs on the prodder are supposed to protrude through the bottom.Complete with belt clip!..
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Quality German manufacture for long reliable use.  Widely used prodder for all types of stock work. Good power. Very reliable. Handy size and shape.  Supplied with two batteries. Length 23cm.Optional plastic extension handle gives 88cm length     Note: As required by new animal welfare legislat..
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These reliable prodders are supplied with 240 V rechargeable battery.The charger plugs into the battery cell.The Li-Ion battery is resistant to memory and overcharging.A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete.  A full charge from flat will ..
Ex Tax:$75.00
A very handy prodder with a high power output of around 4000 V. Perfect to have on hand when moving cattle as it fits well into most pockets.Also works well when working in close proximity with smaller animals such as goats, sheep and alpacas.For use on animals only and not on humans.  This ..
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Flexible and durable shaft for standard and rechargeable stock prods. NOTE: Shaft length is end to end Handle must be purchased separatelyFlexible shafts to prevent damage Large attachment nut to overcome breakages Brass contact points for positive resultsXPS23  13" 23cm XPS33  2..
Ex Tax:$25.41
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