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Electric Fence Gateways and Switches

Brand: Thunderbird
If you have an electrified floodway or your fence crosses a river or creek, it may be a good idea to fit a flood controller.This is basically an energy limiter, and prevents the immersed section of the fence from shorting out the entire system when a flood occurs.It minimises voltage loss ac..
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Brand: Thunderbird
These are a easily visible yellow plastic handle with large anti-slip hand guards for user safetyLarge shield for maximum shock protection, heavy spring and highly visible yellow ribbed grip to minimise slippingGalvanised spring and hook..
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The 2-strand Taragate is ideal for weaned calves, through to mature cattle. Made for two tape strands about 45cm apart.Tape tension is maintained by the poly-bow on the hinge end. The Taragate handle can be ‘stepped-in’ across a raceway, or back along the fence line.This is a great feature. ..
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Taragate electric gates are quick and simple to erect and swing across a raceway or double back near the fence.  Just tread the handle-post in when opened to keep the wires off the ground.  The gate is not powered until the latch is closed, but if one of the gate tapes is damaged the other tapes car..
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The 4-strand Taragate is suitable for all animals, from sheep and calves to cattle. Made for four tape strands over 80cm top to bottom, using 20mm or 40mm tape. Gate tension is maintained by four galvanised springs on the four tape strands. The Taragate handle can be ‘stepped-in’ across a raceway, o..
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This tape is specifically developed for use on Taragate’s two and four strand Taragates. Usual Taragate white containing 10 stainless steel conductor wires.Its 2430 ohms/km specification also makes it useful as a higher quality fence tape for use in more demanding situations, e.g. for horses...
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The Taravator gate activator serves as anchor point and current conductor. The stainless steel pin bolt has double nuts with washers, to which the fence current lead is secured. Taravator’s features are the big sturdy 4-point securing base plate and the wide latch point for easy latching. It can be ..
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