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Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner

Model: 203293
Doc Brannen´s grooming sprays ´Black Magic´ and ´Clear Magic´ are used to paint over bad spots. They tame unruly hair, but are not colouring agents. Can be combed while damp or immediately after setting, especially for top-line hold in dairy stock etc. 10oz. (295ml) of magic...
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Model: 203295
Doc Brannen´s Tail and Head Adhesive is used where maximum hold is required, such as on tails and heads! Hair can be sprayed, and then formed by hand to the desired appearance, and the excess hair trimmed off. Can also be used to glue in hair as required to cover weak or bald spots. Big 14.5oz. (430ml) can...
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Model: 210925
Royal Show Professional Grooming Formula with Citronella and Eucalyptus Oils is a Shampoo and Conditioner with a unique, professional grooming formula for owners serious about cleaning results and the appearance of their animals.FeaturesA concentrated bio-degradable 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner to give your animal a glossy and healthy coat. The concentrated shampoo base removes al..
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Model: 208428
Royal Show Shampoo is a high quality grooming shampoo by Pharmachem suitable for pets, cattle, horses or any animals.FeaturesRemoves all the dirt and scurf while bringing the coat to its glossiest peak for the show ring. Brings life to the coat Pleasant perfume leaves a clean, attractive scent. Suitable for hard or soft water...
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Model: 203287
Doc Brannen´s Livestock Shampoo is concentrated, so no need to over-do it. The specially formulated ingredients include powerful cleansers, but will not cause skin reactions, or leave any residue to cause dandruff or irritation. Two US quarts (2 litres)...
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Model: 203288
Purple oil is purple. It is used to give your animal a beautiful sheen. Apply with a hand sprayer or rag. After application, rub the hair down with a rag soaked in Purple Oil, and allow 12-24 hours for it to work into the skin. Then shampoo. Repeat for a few days for top results. Later, if touch-ups are needed, use some Final Mist. Two US quarts (2 litres). NB: Will lose colour if stored in sun..
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