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Mastitis Test Papers - pack of 25Quick and simple four-spot testing papers for quarter excessive cell counts.An infection causes a change in acidity in the quarter’s milk.A couple of drops of milk on the paper from an infected quarter will change the spot colour from yellow to green, or..
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A really BIG bucket of alcohol and chlorhexidine-impregnated non-woven wipes. Ideal for pre-milking disinfection or for use prior to dry cow antibiotic or other infusion procedure. Or as general hand cleaning wipes. The bucket has a resealable cap. Each wipe is 20cm x 24cm, a good big size for tea..
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This fast-reading long-probe digital thermometer is ideal for use in the farm dairy, particularly for hot or cold liquids or in wet situations. Measuring range is -40 to 300°C with accuracy of ±0.5°C in the 0 to 100°C range. Alarm function. Auto-off. Backlight. °F/°C. Min/Max settings. Probe 15cm lo..
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Replacement seal for Herd Test Bucket Clear 32L..
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Hook-and-loop type bands suitable for use around the hock of milking cows. These bands stay on well, but are not as secure as ankle-fitting Leg Bands but they are more visible in the dairy, and are easier (and safer) to apply and remove, and they stay cleaner. Just be sure to put on both legs, or u..
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One of the great benefits of changing from a footbath to Hoofmat for lameness treatment and prevention, is the great reduction in highly toxic treatment remedies such as formalin and copper-sulphate entering into drainage systems and the environment.Hoofmat is now accepted as one of the most app..
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Even very simple devices can be improved with some intelligent design work. Our Improved kick stop has different hook shapes to suit the back bone and the flank - the backbone hook is longer, and has a red cap to distinguish it. The length-adjustment knobs are a large, easy-to-use 9mm diameter, and..
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This one is from the USA, where dairyman Garry Johnston developed the ´Milk-Easy´, to take the place of milk-cup weights or hand-weighting to milk out those slow quarters. Just slip the Milk-Easy Spacer on top of the cup for the slow quarter, and it will be finished at the same time as the other th..
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For smaller containers put this mixer in your electric drill for a fast mix. Nifty little knob on top is to hang it up (remove to fit in drill). All galvanised steel. Length 63cm o.a. Disc dia 10cm..
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Another useful scraper for working from the pit in a herringbone shed. Galvanised steel. Clamp for handle attachment. Replaceable rubber strip. Width 66cm. Fitting for 31mm handle (handle is not supplied)...
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Muck Scraper Plain Head 55cm Floor Squeegee - 215413 - Milking Supplies..
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Milking gloves are now common place in dairies to help prevent cross infection of mastitis and cracked hands Nitrile milking gloves are popular in dairies, as nitrile is generally non-allergenic, more resistant to chemicals and generally a harder wearing glove. Gloves are powder free, and design..
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Milking gloves are now common place in dairies to help prevent cross infection of mastitis and cracked hands Nitrile milking gloves are popular in dairies, as nitrile is generally non-allergenic, more resistant to chemicals and generally a harder wearing glove. Gloves are powder free, and design..
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This is an economical unit ideal for the home-pasteuriser. It uses the same principles as the best commercial pasteurisers, including pressurized heating and vacuum-sealed cooling.It is thermostatically controlled to 70°C and has automatic shut-down when the process is completed.Can be used ..
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Kick Stop Quality Cattle Kick Stops are devices primarily to prevent kicking during milking but can also be useful during some veterinary procedures.  The device is hooked under the flank just in front of the back leg and the top end then is hooked over the backbone.  This seems to have some psy..
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Big thick ABS plastic handles make these heavy duty scissors more comfortable to use. Serrated blade reduces blade slippage making these scissors ideal for tail cutting and other animal grooming work. Stainless steel blades. Length 22cm o.a...
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Spare bottles are very useful for storage of colostrum for later use. Bottles are supplied with caps, in 2-packs only. Both the 500ml and 1L bottles fit all EZ Milkers. Medium = 500ml Large = 1l..
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Tailwell has only three moving parts. Of these, only one - the self-lubricating sliding-block Rotator Bearing - is subject to any wear. The reduction in moving parts has resulted in a cutting machine that draws the minimum amount of power, ensuring the maximum number of tails are cut from each batte..
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Ideal for recovery of teat wounds such as splits, cuts or other damage. Simply wrap two or three layers quite firmly around the affected teat to aid in the prevention of infection. Teat bandage can be placed directly onto the wound. It adheres to damp skin, and also sticks to itself. No need for ot..
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Teat Dip CupTeat dip cup with special non return feature so the sanitising solution does not flow back into the teat chamber and possibly thereby contaminate the remaining solution in the container.Holds 350ml. ..
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When a teat has a damaged sphincter the drain can be inserted for an extended period, with the plug being removed and replaced at each milking. Drains are not supplied sterile, but in a pot with jelly to secure and make for easy removal. Recap after use. Swab teat tip before insertion. Do not reuse..
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This stainless steel teat drain has a sliding stopper to keep teat penetration to the desired depth. Very useful after accidental damage, or surgery to teats, to let milk flow after let-down, without vacuum applied. Should be removed after milking. Length 62mm o.a., but ferrule part can be slid alo..
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A standard Luer-lock fitting on a round-tipped stainless steel infusor. Use for infusion of remedies into the udder, without damage to the teat canal. Length 60mm o.a...
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These teat infusion cannulas allow administration of propriety or non-propriety medications directly from a standard luer-fitting syringe into the teat canal, without the risk of harm to the teat. Cannula is 35mm long o.a. Particularly useful for administration of non-propriety remedies in organic ..
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Known and used around the world. Use to plug damaged teat after each milking. Columbus teat plugs are supplied sterile in a pot of Vaseline. Do not reuse.  ..
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Our Compact model hand-held upward-spraying teat sprayer has a short nozzle and capacity of 500ml. ..
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A high quality teat sprayer without the price tagUsed in the prevention of mastitis, lowering somatic cell counts and avoiding cracked teats1L capacity and adjustable spray nozzle and a 19.5cm lanceManufactured with maximum resistance materials and viton sealsProtective cover for val..
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As with our well known and very economical short and long nozzle teat sprayers, our new Viton models are light and convenient to use. The difference is the chemical resistant Viton rubber valve and seal components. Standard teat spray chemicals quite quickly break down normal rubber seal component..
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Farm dairy legislation prohibits any non-complying thermometer even being in a registered dairy premise. No thermometers containing mercury or glass comply. Our Dairy Special thermometer has no mercury or glass. Its dial scale is very easy to read. It is pocket size and very reasonably priced. The..
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This pocket-size water-proof non-glass, non-mercury digital thermometer is particularly suitable for the farm dairy for ensuring safety of milk from contaminants. A key benefit of using a digital thermometer is the speed and accuracy of the reading. Readings are available in a second or two and upd..
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This thermometer has a number of useful applications about the farm and home.Use it for preserving and cheesemaking as well as for testing milk temperature at milking.The thermometer is mercury free and a glass column.  The thermometer is protected by a sturdy plastic housing. A hanging loop..
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