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Pet Bowls, Feeders, Drinkers including automatic dog feeders
Chow Hound Dog Feeder Holds 11kg
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The Chow Hound Dog Feeder is a quality USA made product.  Pet Lodge Chow Hound Feeder makes feeding your dog easy! The magnetized door stays shut until your dog nudges it open which allows food to stay fresh, dry and pest free. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: 24-gauge steel for durability ..
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High quality stainless steel bowls with big rubber trimmed flange area to make them very hard for your pet to push around. Shaped inside for easy cleaning. Dimension is the clear internal diameter at the top of the bowl. 14cm / 450ml 16cm / 700ml 17cm / 900ml 21cm / 1.8 litres  ..
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High quality stainless steel bowls ideal for feeding the pet, or lots of other uses. Good thing about these ones is that (the smaller ones anyway) will go in the dishwasher. And they are all easy to pick up, handle, and clean. The ´double sets´ are supplied complete with a stainless steel stand (wh..
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An extremely strong water or food bowl for attachment to any cage wall with the wing-nut-operated clamp that works vertically or horizontally. The bowl is then removed as required for cleaning or filling, by a simple quarter-turn. Suitable for any pets, poultry or small animals. Bowl 12cm diameter..
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