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Rearing, bottles and teats

Brand: Imported
This smallest and softest of our EXCAL lamb teats is as used in our EXCAL Topper lamb feeder. These are suitable for anyone wishing to create their own lamb feeding arrangement or to replace worn teats. Suitable for new-born lambs and kids. Require hole 11mm diameter...
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Over the years, we have bottle raised many baby goats, and having tried numerous diffferent bottle types, this one is our definite favourite for new borns up until the age where they can manage more than 500ml/feed.This baby-quality strong and clear polycarbonate bottle cleans and sterilizes pro..
Ex Tax:$14.50
Replacement teat for the non-vac lamb bottle.(Bottle not included: for illustration purposes only)..
Ex Tax:$5.00
This  clear plastic lamb feeding bottle can be hand held or suspended.It holds 1 litre of milk and has graduations marked on the bottle.Features a fold-back suspension loop  on the bottom for easy hanging...
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Feed several lambs on one bottle-full with our 2.5 litre Easy Feeder. This bottle uses our popular 'Little Softy' teat...
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Teat and Cap assembly for the Lamb Easy Feeder (1-speed) 207496...
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This single-place lamb feeder hangs over standard fence railings. It is also being used in a novel way. Use with cold milk as an ad-lib feeder. The cold milk limits over-feeding, and also keeps longer. In fact, to assist, drop an Esky cold pack, or a small frozen bottle of water in the milk. Reme..
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The lamb feeder has a lightweight 1 litre bottle and an air inlet via a small valve in the handle cavity.  This can be covered to slow up the drinking rate if required.  Replacement teats can be purchased. ..
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A solid 2 litre feeding bottle with a practical handle Ideal for lambs as they get stronger Includes a Supreme Lamb Teat Made in Australia..
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Big easy-to-fill bucket simply slips down over a suitable rail to be secure. Six pull-through teats (three each side) incorporating Excal 'Little Softy' no-leak lamb/kid teats complete with Excal intake elbow/valves. Bucket capacity 11 litre.The feeder is supplied standard with the very soft E..
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Another great new feeder from the makers of the Milk Train calf feeder is the new Milk Train for lambs, and kids. This four-place feeder uses the Excal Little Softy no-leak teats with Excal intake elbow/valves. Total capacity is 4 litres (with splash space to spare) with individual chambers of 750m..
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This 10 place lamb and kid feeding rail bucket is big and strong and holds up to 20 litres of milk.The teats are "little softy" teats giving easy milk flow without leaking, even when the bucket is full. These white teats are extra soft making them really suitable for newborns. Once the lambs or ..
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