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Drinkers Waterers for Poultry Birds Rabbits

Model: 219002
Wire or cage-hang for water or food.Inner lip to reduce spillage.Available open (plain) or divided (double side)Width 16cm, Depth 5cm, Capacity 400ml..
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Model: 205167
This small Crown Green & White drinker has a  simple press-fit onto the base and will contain either 0.6 or 1.3 litres.Ideal for chicks and poults in particular or for just 1 - 2 adult chickens or other birds...
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Model: 212247
These bird water and feed bowls have a lift-up lid for easy filling and cleaning.Cover reduces waste to a minimum and keeps food and water clean.2 place bowl: 15cm wide, 6cm deep, capacity 550ml3 place bowl: 25cm wide, 8cm deep, capacity 1 litre..
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Model: A8056
A gravity feed waterer perfect for baby chicks and small birds Transparent with the content level visible Graduations display in millimetres Excellent quality and UV stabilised Supplied in a range of various colours so may not match photo..
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Model: 211392
Nicely made polyethylene cups with built-in cage hooks. Dimension is length of cup.  Small:  250ml 13cmMedium: 500ml 17cmLarge; 900ml 22.5cm..
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Model: 217486
Poultry Drinker Bottle Stand 23cm - 217486 - Drinkers Waterers for Poultry Birds Rabbits..
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Model: Poultry Water Nipples x 3
  Transform any bucket into a poultry drinker!  If you have ducks and are sick and tired of them fowling your water, this product is for you!! The ideal poultry and bird nipple for both broiler and layer systems. For the free-roaming type homesteads, no more mess when the ducks want to swim in the water bowls!Perfectly waters your birds while keeping your litter dry. ..
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Model: A8138
The water nipple style that allows you to side mount the nipple to create your own drinker with any container or bucket A new product that is perfect for hobby farmers The horizontal nipple only releases water when activated and this results in better hygiene and less cleaning required that traditional cup drinkers Unlike traditional drinker nipples, these horizontal nipples are spring loade..
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Model: 212428
The advantage of the straight-sided drinker is that the birds can drink without having to duck under the bulge of the water container.  The bowl is also wider, allowing more drinking space.  These are more suitable for larger birds.  The container can be stood upside down for refilling.Available in 1.5 and 2.6 litre versions...
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Model: 212236
Poultry Drinker Automatic Delivery Line OnlyThis water delivery line is the part which is supplied with all Crown auto-fill waterers.It consists of 1.5 metres of delivery tube with a connector nut at one end and a pipe connector on the other.The pipe connector also incorporates an on/off valve and is suitable for connection to any 15mm or 20mm hose...
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Model: 219319
Plastic legs to suit the 18l poultry drinker: bucket shown for illustration purposes only.  The listing is for the legs only.The complete bucket is available here..
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Model: Feed and Water combo sml
Ideal combo for people with 1 - 3 hens.    The waterer holds 1.3 litres of water whilst the suspension feeder will hold up to 1.5kg of pellets or grain...
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Model: 211782
These larger Crown poultry waterers are a bulb shape and have a twist-lock for tight attachment.They have wire handles on top which makes it easy to carry and shift them.They have a flat top so you can stand the waterer upside down on the ground while you refill it, saving strain on your back.Ball drinkers have the bulbed shape which helps to prevent chicks standing in the trough and ..
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Model: 205174
Straight Crown Poultry DrinkerThe advantage of the straight-sided drinker is that the birds can drink without having to duck under the bulge of the water container.  The bowl is also wider, allowing more drinking space.  These are more suitable for larger birds.  The container can be stood upside down for refilling.Available in 4 and 8 litre versions...
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Model: 221457
Now here is a great idea. A poultry drinker that you can see through! No need to lift it up to check the water level. From Chick’a, France. Carry handle. Twist lock onto base. 27cm diameter. UV stabilised...
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Model: 211565
There are 2 basic styles of poultry drinkers: straight sided versions and bulb shaped versions. For larger birds straight sided waterers are preferable because it allows them to drink without having to duck under the bulge of the container.The bottom water tray is also wider than for the bulb shaped waterers so it gives the birds more drinking space.This drinker comes with the ad..
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Model: 212239
This model has a  twist-lock for positive attachment. This makes it easy to carry and shift using the wire handles  attached.Also has a flat top which  serves to stand the drinker upright on when filling. Ball drinkers prevent chicks standing in the trough. They also have three sturdy extendable fold away legs. When folded under, the feeder sits at ground level.  When the first stage i..
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Model: 219391
These poultry waterer nipples turn any bucket or a poly water pipe into a poultry water device.Easy to manage.Keeps the water clean.Each nipple should accommodate up to 4 birds for minimal competition.Nipples should be mounted vertically.Drill a 9mm hole in the bucket bottom or in the underside of the poly pipe and simply screw straight in creating own thread. Recommended for ..
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Model: 212232
An extremely strong water or food bowl for attachment to any cage wall with the wing-nut-operated clamp that works vertically or horizontally. The bowl is then removed as required for cleaning or filling, by a simple quarter-turn. Suitable for any pets, poultry or small animals. Bowl 12cm diameter. Capacity 550ml.  ..
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Model: 205177
The advantage of the straight-sided drinker is that the birds can drink without having to duck under the bulge of the water container. The bowl is also wider, allowing more drinking space. Suitable for larger birds. The container can be stood upright for filling...
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Model: 211560
The Crown Auto-fill drinker has a standard Crown float valve, 1.5m delivery hose and pipe connector system. The float is depth adjustable.The drinker is supplied with three sturdy extendable fold-away legs that can be folded under when watering baby chicks.Bowl is 185mm diameter.Very handy little drinkers with a roof to prevent leaves and debris falling into the water.Instructions ..
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Model: A8070
  This type of feeder is commonly used for poultry and rabbits. The twin compartments allow for feeding by two birds or rabbits at the same time Made of galvanised metal with a lid that pivots open to fill the feeder Once feed is poured into the feeder, grain will gravitate down into the feed tray below The front of the feeder has hooks for hanging onto wire To set up the feeder, cut a hole ..
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Model: 211787
The Crown Auto-fill flip-top trough uses the standard Crown float valve and pipe connector system to make a versatile drinker with lots of bird space. Length 68cm o.a...
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Model: 219557
This device can be filled with plain or flavoured water.Outflow to the feeding bowl is controlled by a float.Birds can then access the water through the bowl openings.Other animals can not access the water at all.Contamination is unlikely.Capacity 10-litres. Dimensions: 29cm diameter x 43cm high..
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Model: A8050
These drinkers are manufactured from Stainless Steel to reduce rustingThe rugged construction made entirely of stainless steel for long lifeBuilt to last and well worth the extra investmentIncludes a handle that is designed so that the unit can be hung up or carriedAvailable in 3 sizes: 2l, 3l and 9lThe 2L model is the one in front in the photo..
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Model: 212241
Poultry Drinker Crown Dual Trough Auto - 212241 - Drinkers Waterers for Poultry Birds Rabbits..
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Model: 212240
The Crown Converter Auto-fill drinker is the perfect solution to watering chicks of various ages with the one device.It can start out with a low roof and the legs folded under with an anti-drown ring which reduces the depth of the water, making it more difficult for the the chicks to drown. As the chicks get older, the drown ring can be removed, the extendable legs can be folded out to raise t..
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Model: 218149
This large plastic waterer will keep a large flock of chooks in water for days! Holds 18 litres of water and features a large lid for easy refilling, and a sturdy carry handle.Optional legs can be purchased separately to raise it off the ground to stop chooks scratching dirt into the bottom drinker section.60cm high x 17cm diameter. UV Safe.Quality European made product.Assembly in..
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Model: 211563
The great advantage of this poultry waterer is that you can fill it on the ground using a hose. This compares with some other styles which require you to turn the drinker upside down for filling which can be quite tricky for a higher capacity drinker.The inner section holds 9 litres of water whilst the white outer section can be locked in place allowing you to carry the waterer with ease. If y..
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Model: 218140
The nipple bucket is suspended using the cord and lock device supplied. The nipples are then easily operated by various-size chicks or poultry, at the required height. The stainless steel nipples are good quality and function with light pressure. Stainless steel handle. The bucket is UV-safe. Made in Europe. Dimensions: 32cm diameter x 39cm high...
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Model: 205160
Poultry Automatic Ballast DrinkerThe  Poultry Automatic Ballast Drinker is a big suspension waterer that works on the ballasting principle.   As water is taken the load lightens and the valve system lets water in again.   This waterer is ideal for up to 300 chicks or 150 laying hens or as a home breeder waterer (particularly turkeys and geese).  The drinker has a 10mm water connection and ..
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