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Animal Transport

Model: 212242
The Crown Pet & Pigeon carrier has both a top door and an end door. It also features a slide-out dirt tray. Making it ideal for transport of small animals or birds. Internal height is 24cm clear. Folded height is 14cm o.a. Both the end door and the top hatch have spring-loaded catches. A comfortable carrying handle is incorporated in the top panel. Dimensions are 69cm L x 49cm W x 29cm H...
Ex Tax:$171.82
Model: 201134
This cage basket, also known as a crush cage or squeeze box, is useful for tightly restraining a cat or other small animal whilst a veterinary procedure is carried out; eg injection, remedies, etc.The top opens so you can put the animal in easily, then the squeeze bars are pushed in to restrain it firmly against the other side of the cage.Easy release when the procedure is completed.Qu..
Ex Tax:$244.55
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