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Surgical Equipment

Other miscellaneous veterinary supplies that may come in handy around the farm such as thermometers, scalpels and scalpel blades, suture needles and measuring tapes.
AI Sheaths 50pk Universal 18” (46cm) bovine A.I. artificial insemination sheaths. Split end with green wad. Suitable for both 0.25ml and 0.5ml straws. Supplied in pack of 50 sheaths.  ..
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Gives a clean perpendicular cut to avoid crushing the straw end as occurs when straw is cut with scissors. Risk of semen seeping back is minimised...
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AI Artificial Insemination Straw Forceps
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Specially designed forceps for grasping and removal of A.I. straws from Cryogenic holding tank. Stainless steel...
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This small capillary thermometer is especially suitable for small animal rectal use due to its very thin 3.6mm tip. Range 35° C to 42° C (some practice can be required to read easily)  ..
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Regulations for Operation of Farm Dairies state: Used needles should be placed into a sharps container for appropriate disposal. These containers are designed for safe disposal of all sharp and contaminated materials. Their design inherently prevents access or accidental loss of contents. NB: Ozfa..
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Every cattle farmer needs a decent bloat knife.  This one is made for the job. Just make sure it  always hangs on the same handy nail to grab in that  emergency. 10cm blade. 23cm over-all. Special  quality sheath of heavy-duty leather riveted around  blade for safety and also with elastic saf..
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This is made from our strongest road-mat material. It will stand up to any abuse - like being driven over, or thrown in the back of a ute full of calving gear. Ideal for carrying HK-type calf puller, plus chains etc. Zip pocket each end. Big brass dog clips to open and close. Turn inside out and h..
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With this calving gown there is no need to have to wash all your clothes after a calving job. Arms-free sleeve seals. Neck to boots with no openings. Waterproof and easily cleaned. Use for any obstetrical jobs. Long life rip-free laminated fabric in discreet colour. One size only approximately mediu..
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Wire handles with wire are an excellent way to dehorn animals. These stainless steel dehorning handles are very comfortable to use. The handles feature a simple screw action which clamps wire into the groove on the handle. Length 10.5cm  We also sell embryotomy wire to use with these handle..
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Top quality T handle is easiest of all to use, simply clamping on wire as it is gripped. This allows easy movement along wire almost without interrupting the job. Supplied as each...
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Dimension is length of hook overall. 6.5cm blunt, Use with extreme care in calving or lambing situations, under veterinary supervision...
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Dimension is length of hook overall. 8cm blunt, Use with extreme care in calving or lambing situations, under veterinary supervision...
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