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Surgical Equipment

Surgical Equipment
Other miscellaneous veterinary supplies that may come in handy around the farm such as thermometers, scalpels and scalpel blades, suture needles and measuring tapes.
Sometimes you need a really sharp knife, like when you need to lance an abscess or get out a splinter.  These small, safe pocket scalpels are just the ticket: come with a removable safety cover which can be reversed to extend the 5cm handle.Available in number 10 and number 12, the differenc..
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Several diseases can affect newborn animals via the umbilical cord. These umbilical clamp help with this: they are attached to the cord as soon as possible after birth approximately 5mm from the top of the cord. The clamps can be disinfected and reused if you wish.Clamps are 65 mm long and come ..
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This small capillary thermometer is especially suitable for small animal rectal use due to its very thin 3.6mm tip.Range 35° C to 42° C (some practice can be required to read easily) ..
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This is a 1oz (30ml) single-use sachet of sterile nonspermicidal water-soluble lubricant ideal for use in artificial insemination and specialist procedures.The small tear-top sachet ensures reproductive and other sensitive procedures are not endangered by contaminated lubrication gel...
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Scalpel Blades No 22 x 10 These high quality scalpels come individually wrapped in foil.When 100 is too many, this size is the most popular and available by 10...
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AI Sheaths 50pkUniversal 18” (46cm) bovine A.I. artificial insemination sheaths. Split end with green wad. Suitable for both 0.25ml and 0.5ml straws. Supplied in pack of 50 sheaths.  ..
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Scalpel handle for the safe use of scalpel blades.Scalpel blades are particularly useful for slicing and draining abscesses and other minor surgical operations.Supplied non-sterile.Choose the correct size for your blades:no 3 for blades 10, 11, 12 and 15 no 4 for blades 20, 2..
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Specially designed forceps for grasping and removal of A.I. straws from Cryogenic holding tank. Stainless steel...
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Good quality Latex Gloves suitable for many functions. Gloves are lightly powdered and are ambidextrous. Supplied in a box of 100 gloves..
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Regulations for Operation of Farm Dairies state: Used needles should be placed into a sharps container for appropriate disposal. These containers are designed for safe disposal of all sharp and contaminated materials. Their design inherently prevents access or accidental loss of contents. NB: Ozfa..
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 The folding feature is a big  safety improvement and can reduce blade damage between uses as it allows the blade to be folded back into the handle.The wider hand grip is also more comfortable to hold than a conventional blade handle.Supplied non-sterile.Choose the correct size for y..
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Small animal digital thermometerBeing able to tell if your animal is running a temperature can be a very handy first step in diagnosing a sick animal and what treatment to follow. An animal with a temperature higher than the usual range may need veterinary attention and /or antibiotics. This s..
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