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1 x Food safe rubber replacement seal (grommet) to fit Ozfarmer/Ball Mason/Weck fermenting jarsThe medium size grommet (as shown in photo) is rounded on the top and has been used since March 2018. The large size grommet is flat on top and is still being used on some fermenting jars. ..
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Brand: Weck
These weights are actually Weck reusable Glass Lids.  Made of the highest quality glass, they contain NO BPA! (Bisphenol A), lead, mercury or cadmium. Weck glass jar lids are the only preserving lids in the world that can be reused thousands of times and the on..
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Dunking Weight Small Weck for Fermenting Jars Dunking Weight Small Weck for Fermenting Jars
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Brand: Weck
These weights are actually Weck reusable Glass Lids.  Made of the highest quality glass, they contain NO BPA! (Bisphenol A), lead, mercury or cadmium.    Weck glass jar lids are the only preserving lids in the world that can be reused thousands of times and the only glass certified ..
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Brand: Imported
Need a way to transport your favourite homebrew beer, cider, kombucha or other home fermented beverage?The Grainfather stainless steel flask is the ideal vessel!Made of 304 grade stainless steel it will withstand hard knocks and won’t contaminate your liquid with any leaching like might occu..
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Brand: Mad Millie
Make your own kombucha using our live culture (SCOBY) which turns sweetened tea into a delicious, fizzy beverage. Fermenting kombucha yourself gives you the creative license to have as much or as little tart zing as you want. Once activated, your scoby can be reused to brew your own delicious bo..
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Brand: Weck
IMPORTANT NOTE:  SPECIAL CONDITIONS These lids may have some imperfections including small chips on the inner glass rim on the top of the lid (where the clips go).  These imperfections do not interfere with the fermenting function of the lid but you need to take care not to run your finger..
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Mangrove Jacks no rinse sanitiser does what it says.  It sanitises all your equipment for brewing and fermenting without the need to rinse after use.Sanitise fermenting vessels, bottles, lids, stirring spoons and more.  Just mix up the required measure with water.  Suitable for up to 10 uses. ..
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Brand: Imported
Use our handy Pickle Picker Fork to easily get foods from deep jars. Simply jab the specially designed fork into the food item and easily release by pressing on the plunger. Made of durable iron featuring a sleek electroplated chrome finish and rubber wood top, it's great for grabbing pickles, o..
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Brand: Imported
Both the senior and the S-shaped airlock sold standard with our fermenting jars serve the same purpose.By putting water in the airlock and inserting it into the grommet on your fermenting jar, you are effectively creating a one way valve.  The water in the airlock stops moulds and other con..
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Brand: Imported
UNIQUE ODOUR ABSORBING CAPSULES  – SteriPUR Capsules absorb ‘ALL’ food fermentation odours. LONG LASTING - When fitted to the SteriLOCK Airlock each SteriPUR Capsule will last over at least 5 separate food fermentations. FITS IN SECONDS - Simply remove the SteriLOCK lid and insert the white end of..
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