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Mastitis Testing and Control

Mastitis Testing and Control
Equipment to check for mastitis and milk quality as well as equipment for the prevention and treatment of mastitis.
RMT paddle designed and manufactured by Shoof with special features over other paddles: smooth and comfortable handle, tilt lines for both left and right hand use, slightly domed cup-bottoms to enhance coagulation visibility. Available blue or black for maximum reagent visibility. Quality long-life..
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Hook-and-loop type bands suitable for use around the hock of milking cows. These bands stay on well, but are not as secure as ankle-fitting Leg Bands but they are more visible in the dairy, and are easier (and safer) to apply and remove, and they stay cleaner. Just be sure to put on both legs, or u..
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Mastitis Test Papers - pack of 25Quick and simple four-spot testing papers for quarter excessive cell counts.An infection causes a change in acidity in the quarter’s milk.A couple of drops of milk on the paper from an infected quarter will change the spot colour from yellow to green, or..
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Correctly formulated solution to ensure consistent mastitis testing. (Non-professional solutions can give varying results.) Generally testing requires 1 litre per 50 cows. Solution is added to the RMT paddle in at least the same amount as the milk. Ideally the solution is used from a squirt or pump..
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These Ethanol alcohol wipes are made of non-woven material. Use for general veterinary disinfection and disinfection of hands during milking or veterinary procedures. More effective and economical than usual isopropyl alcohol and cotton wool treatments. Very effective and easy to use. Sealed d..
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The ideal start-up kit, including Shoof Super Paddle plus our Pump Bottle containing 1-Litre of RMT solution. Handiest feature of this kit is the special pump bottle which gives the required 3ml of solution each stroke. It is designed so that it can be held in one hand, paddle in the other, and ope..
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RMT testing has always been quite a tedious procedure either slowing up milking considerably or requiring an extra hand in the shed. The X-Spurt paddle makes RMT testing a fast and efficient one-hand operation as the 300ml (10fl.oz) X-Spurt reagent reservoir is also the handle for the paddle. Milk ..
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Use the 1-litre of concentrate with cool clean water to make 5 litres of ready-to-use solution in the 5-litre container. Use the pump bottle to dispense into the mastitis test paddle.  This will test approximately 250 cows...
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For separating one quarter from the other three quarters in cases of colostrum, haemorrhage and high cell count (and antibiotic contamination where regulations allow). Our 8 litre Quartermilker features a low-profile non-capsize design and specially moulded soft rubber tubes which allow the cow plen..
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Gently mix this concentrate with clean cold water in a clean container to make ready-to-use mastitis test (RMT/CMT) solution. Mix 1-litre of concentrate with 4 litres of water for enough solution to test approximately 500 cows.  NB: Test will not function if mixed with very hard water. If in doubt..
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This herd test bucket has the great advantage of being manufactured in clear polycarbonate material.  This allows view of colour quality quantity and flow of milk.Easily emptied and cleaned through the large 19cm-diameter neck.Good strong carry handle. Wide base for great stability...
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It is agreed internationally that conductivity of milk is an early, and often accurate, indication of an udder infection.  The Draminski electronic mastitis tester is used by dairy farmers around the world and it is a well-proven and extremely reliable device indicating foremilk conductivity an..
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