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Feed Scoops

Heavy duty plastic or aluminium feed scoops make it so much easier to get feed out of feedbags and help with portion control.  Scoops come in various measured sizes and are durable.
2 litre Feed Scoop: essential item for every farm! Traditional long-handle flat bottom style scoop is easier to use in deep containers, and keeps hands cleaner. Ideal for scooping out sheep nuts or poultry grain from their bags without having to pour it into a bucket. All plastic.  ..
Ex Tax:$11.77
Polished aluminium scoop. Round bottom is generally easier to penetrate feeds and grains. Also an excellent scoop for bulk food items such as rice, flour and sugar...
Ex Tax:$11.77
Stand up Feed Scoop Here is a feed scoop design that really works. The  hard-corner flat rim scoops cleanly off bottom of  bins or containers. Water-level to 1 or 2 litres and will  stand like a jug when full! Colour varies.  ..
Ex Tax:$9.05
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