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Dual action blend allows An economical blend of Couch with the added benefits of a companion grass. Features:   Couch                        10% Ryegrass    &nb..
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Black sunflower is higher in oil than grey stripe sunflower, so is more suited to poultry, wild birds or birds that have more room to fly around. Can also be fed to horses and ruminants. Seed comes in a variety of different size packs.The seed may also be sown but as it is not specifically br..
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Brand: Ozfarmer
(Brassica oleracea) - OGA Certified OrganicBroccoli Sprouts are a great source of vitamins and minerals, they can be easily sprouted in jar or shallow soil. The sprouts are ready to add to salads, eat fresh or on sandwiches in 5-7 days.Sprouting is also a great way of engaging kids..
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Brand: Ozfarmer
Chook Forage Mix Seed Spring / Summer Variety Organically CertifiedGrow a green crop for your chooks to forage amongst.Provides extra feed at leaf stage or allow to seed for grain heads that your chooks can feed on.  Also provides extra shelter. 500gm will cover approx. 40m2. ..
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Grey Stripe Sunflower Seed suitable for poultry and bird feed
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Grey stripe sunflower seeds are lower in oil and fat than black sunflower and so are generally considered a better option for birds, particularly if they are not very active. Seed comes in a variety of different size packs. The seed may also be sown but as it is not specifically bred for planting,..
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Brand: Ozfarmer
Vigna radiata BFA CertifiedAnnual legume to 60cm. Sow Spring-Summer. Green plant used as green manure, seeds for sprouting, flour. Leaves and pods can be eaten fresh. 1kg will cover 60m2. Nitrogen fixing legume. Mung bean seed is excellent for green manure crops or..
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Brand: Ozfarmer
(Triticum aestivum) - BFA Certified   Annual grain to 1m, useful forage crop, green manure, mulch provider, grain for stock feed, grain sprouted. Grown for wheat grass juice, ground for flour and also cooked. Sow Autumn-Winter. 1kg will cover 70m2. 20 seeds/gram. Bulk packet 1kg, 2kg and 5kg..
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