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How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self-sufficiency
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How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self-sufficiency by Piers WarrenWhat can you do with a glut of tomatoes? How do you bottle plums and string onions? What can you do that is interesting with all those huge marrows? How do you keep potatoes through the winter? With less than an acre of garden you can grow enough produce to feed a family of four for a year, but as much of the produ..
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 Sally Wise has been a passionate preserver of fruits and vegetables for over three decades.More than just a method to create nutritional food from seasonal produce, preserving is a way of life, a highly addictive hobby, and you too will become hooked.In A Year in a Bottle Sally brings together a mouthwatering collection of more than 100 of her favourite recipes for making your ow..
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Model: Ball Blue Book New Edition
Known around the world as the food preserver's bible, the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is the ultimate guide to fresh preserving. Each edition is filled with fresh solutions for today's busy lifestyles to help everyone enjoy good food at the peak of flavor.The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is packed with over 500 tried-and-true recipes and guides you to the right tool..
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Renowned cook, Sally Wise has always wanted her own cooking school, and her own farm, where she could grow the things she wants to cook with.One day she and her husband came across a property in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley with an orchard full of fruit trees, and a funny old chalet/cabin out the back. A plan began to take shape... In this, her latest book, Sally shares the 100 or so recipes she..
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Two bestselling preserving books in one kitchen-friendly package. Sally Wise's great passion is for making preserves out of the seasonal produce she grows and buys. Here, in two of her most popular books, A YEAR IN A BOTTLE and OUT OF THE BOTTLE, she shares some of her favourite recipes for turning fruit and vegetables into a dazzling variety of jellies, jams, pickles, chutneys, preserves, conser..
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Preserve your favorite foods through every season with Real Food Fermentation. Control your own ingredients, techniques, and additives. Learn a practical food-preparation skill you’ll use again and again. And express yourself by making something unique and whole.Inside, you’ll find:—All the basics: the process, the tools, and how to get started—A guide to choosing the right ingredients..
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The comprehensive handbook for dehydrating foods at home.Dehydrating is one of the most effective ways to preserve food for maximum nutrition at very low cost.Sales of dehydrators are soaring as many cooks reject the suspect ingredients in commercially prepared foods.Dehydrating with the recipes in this book is one way to control all ingredients and please the whole family.Recipes ..
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  Gourmet restaurateur and vegan food expert Miyoko Schinner shares her secrets for making homemade nondairy cheeses that retain all the complexity and sharpness of their dairy counterparts while incorporating nutritious nuts and plant-based milks Miyoko shows how to tease artisan flavors out of unique combinations of.ingredients,such as rejuvelac and nondairy yogurt, with min..
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Food in Jars
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Popular food blogger Marisa McClellan takes you through all manner of food in jars, storing away the tastes of all seasons for later.Basics like jams and jellies are accompanied by pickles, chutneys, conserves, whole fruit, tomato sauces, salsas, marmalades, nut butters, seasonings, and more. Small batches make them easy projects for a canning novice to tackle, and the flavors of vanilla bean,..
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Preserving Everything Can, Culture, Pickle, Freeze, Ferment, Dehydrate, Salt, Smoke and Store Fruitby Leda MeredithThe ultimate guide to putting up food.How many ways can you preserve a strawberry? You can freeze it, dry it, pickle it, or can it. Milk gets cultured, or fermented, and is preserved as cheese or yogurt. Fish can be smoked, salted, dehydrated, and preserved in oil. Pork ..
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After years of addressing questions reducing sugar, substituting sugar, and leaving it out altogether, accomplished canner and author Marisa McClellan began to rejigger her recipes, helping her home canners enjoy the flavors of the season without the refined sugars. The result is Naturally Sweet Food in Jars, preserving in the tenor of today’s health-conscious audience. The inventive spreads, dip..
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Milkwood: Skills for Permaculture Living
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This beautifully presented book gives readers the nitty-gritty guide for five diverse ways to nourish ourselves from stewarding nature's abundance.Do you want to know how to grow your own food? Or how to keep bees? How to forage for edible seaweed along the shoreline, or wild greens down by the stream? Maybe you're curious about growing mushrooms or how to grow the perfect tomato.You're in..
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Artisan Cheese Making at Home
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  Artisan Cheese Making at Home is the most ambitious and comprehensive guide to home cheese making, filled with easy-to-follow instructions for making mouthwatering cheese and dairy items. Renowned cooking instructor Mary Karlin has spent years working alongside the country’s most passionate artisan cheese producers—cooking, creating, and learning the nuances of their trade. She present..
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