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Dog Whistles

Dog Whistles
British made ACME whistles are a world leader.  They give reliable, repeatable exact sounds that your dog will learn to accurately determine and respond to.
ACME whistles can be used over exceptional distances and are a quality whistle.
Economy whistles also available.
Standard New Zealand manufactured plastic dog whistle, as used by Australasian sheep farmers for many years.Cheap enough to buy six at a time. Works perfectly with a little practice!Includes eyelet to attach a lanyard...
Ex Tax:$3.64
Shepherd's Stainless Steel Dog WhistleGet more accurate notes than with a cheap plastic whistle. Still very low cost.These whistles give reliable repeatable sounds that your dog will soon learn to distinguish and respond accordingly.Free lanyard eyelet. All stainless steel.Here..
Ex Tax:$6.82
Shepherd's Plastic ACME Dog WhistleQuality made, plastic shepherd's dog whistle.Whilst other plastic whistles are available at a cheaper price, they often don't work properly and so your dog will not respond as required.This plastic whistle will produce consistent notes every time.Includes a..
Ex Tax:$11.77
Shepherd's Nickel Silver ACME Dog WhistleThe premium shepherd’s whistle. High quality nickel-silver manufacture. Insert in mouth, and manipulate with tongue. Produces widely varying and easily controlled range of pitches, whistles and commands. Ideal trials whistle! ..
Ex Tax:$25.00
ACME Shepherd's Dog Whistle Ultra High Pitch The ACME 2110.5 Ultra High Pitch dog whiistle is a standard high-pitch dog whistle with solid tone single frequency 6900HZ sound. Pea-less design makes it suitable for outdoor use even in very cold weather. Ultra high pitch whistles are r..
Ex Tax:$42.68
The ACME 211.5 High Pitch dog whistle is a good distance whistle favoured by labrador and retriever trainers. It is a standard high-pitch dog whistle with solid tone single frequency 4850KHZ sound.  Its Pea-less design makes it suitable for outdoor use even i..
Ex Tax:$48.14
The ACME Silent Shepherd's whistle is the ultimate whistle for training and commanding both working and domestic dogs. Almost inaudible to the human ear, but clear to your dog up to one mile (1.6 km) away, even when there is a lot of ambient noise from traffic or other activities. This whistle als..
Ex Tax:$99.09
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