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House and Farm

House and Farm
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150mm / 6 inch Rain Gauge Fjord Classic

Gauge Fjord Classic Rain 150mm / 6" capacity A heavy duty, UV stabilised rain gauge made by Fjord M..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $18.18

25 x Ecozone Eco Friendly Natural Dishwasher Tablets Cleaning Washing

Ecozone's all in one formula gives you brilliant results every time! No need to unwrap, just plac..

$10.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

280mm Rain Gauge Fjord Maxx

Gauge Fjord Maxx Rain 280mm capacity  Quick and easy to install Super accurate Inner tube ..

$31.50 Ex Tax: $28.64

Battery Tester

Every farm should have one. Instead of wasting batteries galore changing them just in case they are ..

$15.25 Ex Tax: $13.86

Boom Kleen 5 litre / 20 litre

Spray booms need only the slightest traces of grain - spray chemicals (for example) to kill legume c..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

Bottle Pump 4ml or 30ml/stroke

Handy plastic pumps suitable for most locally manufactured plastic containers with 38mm threads. Cut..

$10.50 Ex Tax: $9.55

Canvas Chaps Leggings Pull-On or Side Open

Canvas Chaps available in pull-on or side opening option. These comfortable-wearing high-quality ..

$109.25 Ex Tax: $99.32

Cargo Net Aerofast Heavy Duty Large

Cargo Net Aerofast Heavy Duty Large This is the ultimate trailer cover. Very heavy duty anti-snag..

$147.50 Ex Tax: $134.09

Cargo Net Aerofast Supastrap Large

Cargo Net Aerofast Supastrap Large The Aerofast Supastrap net is a lightweight material but still..

$56.95 Ex Tax: $51.77

Chicken, Duck, Poultry Egg Collection Basket

These quality baskets are designed especially for egg collection, allowing for easy cooling, washing..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Clockface Scales German Quality Made 10kg - 250kg

These high quality scales are made in Germany and are not to be confused with cheaper economy scales..

$57.00 Ex Tax: $51.82

Collapsible trap 66cm - wild cats, possums, foxes

Made of solid metal construction, this trap collapses flat for easy transportation and storage. 66 x..

$72.50 Ex Tax: $65.91

Corn Sheller Hand Operated

Use to strip kernels from corn or maize cobs. Easy to operate. Fast and effective way to shell cobs...

$139.00 Ex Tax: $126.36

Cowbell Stainless Steel Milk Strainer Funnel

All stainless steel funnel with integral mesh screen.  Ideal for use with large milk cans or buckets..

$53.25 Ex Tax: $48.41

Cream Separator Penzmash Manual 50 Litre

Penzmash is a longstanding Russian engineering company making a wide range of engineering supplies. ..

$299.00 Ex Tax: $271.82

Dehorner / Wire Saw Bridle 50cm Cattle, Sheep, Deer, Goat

This is a must-have item for every farmer, and it is handy for your emergency/survivalist kit!   ..

$14.25 Ex Tax: $12.95

Diamond Sharpener Pen Style

Useful for honing edges on any knives, pocket knives, small tools, fish hooks, injection needles, et..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

Diamond Sharpener Pocket Hone

Handy pocket-size sharpener extremely useful for touching-up everything from fish hooks to hand tool..

$17.50 Ex Tax: $15.91

Diamond Sharpener Retracting 4 inch

Very useful belt or pocket tool for touching-up anything from hunting knives to fish hooks. This mod..

$55.00 Ex Tax: $50.00

Disinfection Mat

Following experience gained from development and use of our Hoofmat for cattle lameness treatment, o..

$95.00 Ex Tax: $86.36

Draminski Hay Thermometer and Moisture Meter

Draminski in Poland are a well known manufacturer of electronic farm instruments. Their hay moisture..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $908.18

Draminski Twist Grain Moisture Meter

The Draminski Twist Grain is the most popular moisture meter made by Draminski. Testing is fast, eas..

$895.00 Ex Tax: $813.64

Drum Lifter Aerofast 500kg

Lifting 200 litre drums high up is always a problem, but the Aerofast drum lifter is a solution. Th..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

Drum Pump 110L / 200L

The 110/200 pump is suitable for use in all metal and plastic containers up to 200 litres volume, in..

$165.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Drum Pump Ezi-Action with Measure

Ezi-action Drum pumps are the best hand drum pump in the world. They are the most dependable manual..

$145.50 $99.00 Ex Tax: $90.00

Drytex Dairy Jacket / Pants Waterproof Windproof Breathable Fabric

Drytex dairy jackets and pants are the ideal wear for milkers and dairy staff. No need to change for..

$109.50 Ex Tax: $99.55

Ear tag cutter, Cattle, Cows, Goat, Sheep, Deer and Alpaca,

Very handy knife for removing ear tags but also great twine cutter. Many other uses on the farm. ..

$18.95 Ex Tax: $17.23

Egg Spiral Holder Black

This egg spiral holds 20 eggs in the sequence they are added so you always know that you are using t..

$42.75 Ex Tax: $38.86

Electric Butter Churn 7 litre

Electric Butter Churn, 7 Litres 220- 240V     The delicious taste of fresh homemade butter is avail..

$679.00 Ex Tax: $617.27

Electric Cream Separator 80 litre Motop Motor Sich

This is a household 240V electric machine that can process whole milk for separation of cream from s..

$550.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

Epsom Salts 5kg IO

Independents Own 5kg drum of epsom salts.  Epsom salts are traditionally used as a soaking bath for ..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Fire-Maple Fire Starter

The fire starter is a useful tool for anyone outdoors and needing to start a fire in any conditions...

$26.75 Ex Tax: $24.32

Firebug Drip Torch 4L Fixed Lance Complete

Made in Australia. Use for creating back-burns for fire control. Also for burning cane and other veg..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $431.82

Fjord Pourmaxx Measuring Cylinder

These cylinders are perfect for products that need special measurements. This makes them an essenti..

$3.75 Ex Tax: $3.41

Fly Catcher Sticky Roll Mini-kit

The Mini-kit includes all the componentry required to set up an automatic roll-out line, including m..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $22.68

Fly Catcher Sticky Roll Mini-kit Refill

Refill only for the Sticky Roll Mini-kit. The refill is a full 24m roll of sticky tape. ..

$17.50 Ex Tax: $15.91

Fly Catcher Sticky Roll Ribbon 4-pack

Now this one is a real gem! Just like the old-days of fly catchers. Pull the tab on one of the rolls..

$4.25 Ex Tax: $3.86

Fly Trap Bottle Top fits PET Bottle

An attachment to create a fly trap from an existing P.E.T water bottle (i.e. 600ml Coke bottle)   ..

$1.95 Ex Tax: $1.77

Gambrel Meat Hook Home Kill Meat Accessory

  Stainless steel hardware for home-kill use.  We recommend use with the stainless s-hook. These a..

$23.75 Ex Tax: $21.59

Grain Mill Portable 240V Makes delicious flours and milled grains

Homemade bread and delicious grain mashes for your livestock can become a reality with this fantasti..

$795.00 Ex Tax: $722.73

Grain Moisture Meter Draminski

Draminski in Poland are a well known manufacturer of electronic farm instruments. Their grain moistu..

$759.00 Ex Tax: $690.00

Guarany Drip Torch

The Guarany Drip Torch is used to start fires. It is filled with a mixture of 4 parts diesel plus on..

$495.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

Guarany Fire Fighter 20L Knapsack Sprayer

The Guarany knapsack firefighter is designed for comfortable use even for extended periods. It is ..

$435.00 Ex Tax: $395.45

Guarany Fire Fighter Flexi EcoFire 20L

This Guarany firefighter brings new portability and convenience to having a fire fighting a device o..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $431.82

Guarany Granule Applicator Knapsack

This big applicator is another high quality Guarany machine that can be used for a wide range of gr..

$565.00 Ex Tax: $513.64

Guarany Granule Injector Knapsack

Especially useful device for application of granules direct into the ground in banana, coffee, citru..

$445.00 Ex Tax: $404.55

Guarany Granule Spreader Knapsack

The Guarany granule spreader is for any application needing uniform broadcast spreading of granulate..

$664.50 Ex Tax: $604.09

Guarany K9895 Spray Boom 40cm Universal

Handy accessory to the Guarany Knapsack Sprayer. The two nozzles can be rotated to suit frontwards o..

$54.50 Ex Tax: $49.55

Guarany Sprayer Compression 7.5L

The Guarany compression (or ´pump-up´) sprayer is ideal for home, small block or farm use. Made wit..

$109.50 Ex Tax: $99.55

Hand Shears Sharpener Burgon & Ball

This Burgon & Ball tool is designed specifically to sharpen hand shears. (It will also sharpen gard..

$15.25 Ex Tax: $13.86

If you are keen to start preserving, this is a great place to start.  The Deluxe Stovetop canner is ..
Ex Tax: $225.00
This package contains our favourite amber jars and bottles and is ideal also for fermenting!  The ja..
Ex Tax: $150.00
This package contains our favourite blue jars and bottles and is ready for summer!  The jars and bot..
Ex Tax: $150.00
If you are keen to start preserving, this is a great place to start.  The Presto pressure canner can..
Ex Tax: $250.00
This package includes 4 cases of regular mouth jars in 4 useful sizes, plus plastic storage lids as ..
Ex Tax: $150.00
This package includes 4 cases of wide mouth jars in 3 useful sizes, plus replacement lids when you w..
Ex Tax: $170.00
These tiny stainless steel measuring spoons are great for when required to measure out tiny amounts ..
Ex Tax: $8.14
PetFlex is a flexible, cohesive bandage with quick and easy application. PetFlex is a cohesive band..
Ex Tax: $5.41
These fun, eye-catching bandages feature all the performance of PetFlex but with silver glitter to a..
Ex Tax: $7.23
Genia Strap Band Cohesive Bandage Bitter Taste is an elastic cohesive bandage with a bittering agent..
Ex Tax: $4.50
Lid One Piece High Temp Regular Mouth Waterbath / Pressure Preserving Silver Suits All Ball Mason Re..
Ex Tax: $0.59
These coloured  lids are an attractive single piece lid. Use on regular mouth jars. They can be ..
Ex Tax: $0.59
Introducing a single piece high heat lid to use with all wide mouth Ball Mason, Kerr and Bormioli Ro..
Ex Tax: $0.91
These weights are actually Weck reusable Glass Lids.  Made of the highest quality glass, they contai..
Ex Tax: $2.27
Ball Wide Mouth Bands for preserving fit all wide mouth (86mm) glass preserving jars. Seal in the fr..
Ex Tax: $0.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Pint  Jars and Lids Case of 12 BPA Free Lids Ball Wide Mouth Pint (437ml) G..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Wide Mouth Lids Ball Mason - Box of 12  BPA free  Ball Wide Mouth Lids  for preserving fit all wi..
Ex Tax: $3.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars and Lids Case of 12  BPA free lid Ball Wide Mouth Quart (950ml) ..
Ex Tax: $34.50
Regular Mouth Lids Ball Mason (Without Bands - Box of 12) BPA Free Ball Regular Mouth Lids for pr..
Ex Tax: $2.68
Ball Mason 4oz / 120ml Quilted Jam Jars and BPA Free Lids x 12 Ball Regular Mouth Quilted 4oz  (1..
Ex Tax: $17.73
This pouch is past its BEST BEFORE Date, however this has minimal impact on the final product. A ..
$34.95 $27.50
Ex Tax: $25.00
Item is past its BEST BEFORE DATE however this has minimal impact on the end product Pear replace..
$34.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
Item is past its BEST BEFORE date however this has minimal impact on the end product. Pear repl..
$34.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
NOTE: Product is on special because the culture is past its BEST BEFORE date (August 2018).  This do..
$44.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
The kids and the children at heart will love these teddy bear jars which feature a 280ml jar on a co..
$9.85 $3.45
Ex Tax: $3.14
Medium Duty Tarpaulin Blue 10 x 12 / 2.9 x 3.5 metres ..
$12.25 $11.00
Ex Tax: $10.00
Brand new 240ml round  jars with no shoulders in a 105 pack.  These jars are the perfect size for a ..
$99.95 $74.95
Ex Tax: $68.14
The Bormioli Rocco Fido range of jars features jars with a glass swing lid that closes down on a rub..
$5.00 $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.50
Kraft Brown Wraparound Labels L7145, 180/pack, 190X16mm Create a homemade and natural look with t..
$24.95 $11.00
Ex Tax: $10.00
Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit! And com..
$49.95 $24.95
Ex Tax: $22.68
Milk Billy Can 20  or 40 litre with Sealable lid Cowbell is a quality brand of stainless steel ..
Ex Tax: $226.36
Compact pocket-size lower-powered prodder ideal for dairy use.   Press button for shock delivery.  ..
Ex Tax: $51.82
Horse Sense provides an in-depth guide to horse care under conditions unique to Australia and New Ze..
Ex Tax: $62.68
Goat Webbing Halter   Good quality halter made from double layers of 16mm webbing. This size is la..
Ex Tax: $37.23
Muzzle made specially for Australian sheep dogs such as  Kelpie and Border Collie etc. Allows go..
Ex Tax: $33.18