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Model: A3080
An attachment to create a fly trap from an existing P.E.T water bottle (i.e. 600ml Coke bottle)  Hang several traps 3-10 metres from home to greatly reduce indoor flies Hang traps in sunny areas, away from strong winds or drafts The traps will generally attract flies from a distance of 10-12 metres depending on wind conditions In outdoor areas, flies search low for food sources. For be..
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Model: 209164
These cylinders are perfect for products that need special measurements. This makes them an essential addition to your chemical stores.  Use for animal pour-ons, fertilisers, sprays and more. They are made from food grade polypropylene and have 5ml increments.Available in 3 handy sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 500ml ..
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Model: 211541
These plastic 30 egg capacity trays are stackable either full or empty.  Pack away compactly when not in use.  Light weight and reusable.Eggs not included (of course!)Note that the colour may not always match the red shown in the photo.  Currently available in red, yellow and green. We send randomly selected colours: if a specific colour is required please contact us..
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Model: 202922
Now this one is a real gem! Just like the old-days of fly catchers. Pull the tab on one of the rolls, and out comes a plastic-topped thumb tack, and 65cm of 4cm wide very sticky ribbon. Pull gently to prevent tearing. Tack the end up and let the tape hang free. Dump when populated or getting dry...
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Model: A3161
A safe combination of food materials which contain no poisons or harmful chemicals • Economical and easy to use • Place the bait in the fly trap and add water to activate (Note: bait will some take time to work) • Fly bait is expected to last at least two weeks (depending on conditions) • Check the fly bait regularly and do not allow to dry out • Discard dead flies regularly as required (reco..
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Model: EF-15D
Sign to warn of presence of dogs on the property.Made of UV stabilised plastic...
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Model: EF-15A
Sign to warn that unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter an area.Made of UV stabilised plastic...
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Model: EF-15B
Sign to request that gates be shut after entry.Made of UV stabilised plastic...
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Model: 11859
Rodenticides of any brand should always be applied through the use of bait stations.  Although it’s not required to do so by law there are a number of very good reasons to make baiting stations part of your everyday baiting program.Ratshot Locked bait stations are your key to baiting success, built strong, durable and compact using high quality UV stabilised plastic for total piece o..
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Model: 8227
Keep eggs safe from breaking Easy to carry handle Dishwasher Safe Great for collecting eggs or transporting Available in clear or green (please note that both colours may not be available at all times: if colour is an issue please include a note at checkout to indicate your colour preference)..
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Model: 214581
We reckon even Houdini Mouse will not escape one of these. Like all live-catch traps, mice go into these more for the social experience than for the food it is baited with.Dimensions: Small 18cm L x 10cm W x 7cm H. Large 29cm L x 14cm W x 12cm H.All zinc plated steel. Easily opened by swing-over bars.  ..
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Model: 14306
Whites Turf Pegs features strong steel pins for securing all types of landscaping fabric, including synthetic turf. It's easy to install and drive in via the sharp chiseled point, which provide a clean pierce. These Pegs should be used every 50cm for an effective hold.The Galvanised finish is coated with Green PVC coating to help blend in with Green fabrics.It comes in handy size of 20 pe..
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Model: 206954
Very handy plastic handle cutter ideal for hay bales or any string or rope cutting jobs.Also useful as a pruning cutter. Very sharp.Complete with lanyard. Length 19cm Can also be used for cutting off eartags. ..
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Model: 4666
Ecozone's all in one formula gives you brilliant results every time!No need to unwrap, just place 1 tablet in the dispenser tray and run your normal cycle. The high-performance formula cuts through grease and grime to leave your glasses sparkling and dishes shiny even on short cyclesThe fast dissolving soluble wrapper releases powerful plant-based ingredients to erase difficult baked on st..
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Model: 211228
Simple wire cage trap-door bait trap that catches mice live. Metal cage with wood base. Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide x 6cm high. ..
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Model: 200865
Handy plastic pumps suitable for most locally manufactured plastic containers with 38mm threads. Cut suction tube length to suit container depth (up to 25cm). Size in ml denotes how many ml are dispensed per stroke...
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Model: 3702Braid
Legends Small Knife / Scissors PouchThe pouch allows the knife to sit vertically when the pouch is on the belt thus minimising the chance of loss.Suits small easily lost knives such as the Excel elastrator knife which sits snugly in this pouch.Brown leather.  ..
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Model: 205427
The spring balance scales are traditional type brass face-plate quality scales made in Germany. Ring at the top and a hook at the bottom.   ..
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Model: 203331
Spare parts for drip torch as shown on the parts diagram..
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Model: 710/30LP
Designed to accommodate a range of different sizes of stock knife these leather pouches feature heavy duty stitching and a press stud.  The pouch allows the knife to sit vertically when the pouch is on the belt thus minimising the chance of loss.Note that colours may vary from that shown in the photo with some of the leather being a darker brown colour. Available in 3", 4.5" an..
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Model: 201837
This is a must-have item for every farmer and is handy for your emergency/survivalist kit!  It is particularly useful for the owner or vet having occasional stock to dehorn. It can also be used for small cutting jobs and will cut small saplings.  This 50cm long, all stainless steel bridle, can be used with dehorning wire handles, calving chain handles or any other convenient hand..
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Model: 203525
This Burgon & Ball tool is designed specifically to sharpen hand shears. (It will also sharpen garden shears and scissors exceptionally well.) Pocket size, ready for quick use on the job. Long life silicon carbide stone. Sharpens 45° or 60°. Use the sharpener to touch up your blades, each time you use them. Stone is safely encased in drop-proof clip-up holder. Rejuvenate your old shears with thi..
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Model: 211187
Paraffin oil has many animal and farm uses, but specially suitable for treatment of sand colic in horses. Also as a bloat remedy for cattle, goats and sheep. Available in 2 sizes...
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Model: 202015
Handy pocket-size sharpener extremely useful for touching-up everything from fish hooks to hand tools, hedge clippers, pruners, knives and even lawn mower blades etc. 2cm x 5cm diamond stone bonded to 15cm plastic handle...
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Model: 10195
Independents Own 5kg drum of epsom salts.  Epsom salts are traditionally used as a soaking bath for a range of aches and pains but can also be useful around the farm and garden, including: Get burnt food residue off your dishes Just add a quarter tablespoon or so to your warm water, scrub, and rinse.  The burnt or caked-on food should come right off, just like the dead skin whe..
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Model: 203561
Home Kill Meat Accessory S-Hook x 1Stainless steel hardware for home-kill use.These are ideal accessories for the Fast-lock pulley system for home-kill.  The S-hook is 15cm long made from 6.5mm rod...
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Model: 205308
  A heavy duty, UV stabilised rain gauge made by Fjord Manufacturing in Australia.The tough design means that it will withstand many years of Australian sun and rough use. It is easy to install with a multi-hole mounting plate.Comes with full instructions.Maximum capacity 150ml / 6"...
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Model: 215624
Stainless steel needle with spear tip for easy and safe meat penetration. This is a very large needle, with a good-size eye.  ..
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Model: 202014
Useful for honing edges on any knives, pocket knives, small tools, fish hooks, injection needles, etc. (Small groove in shaft ideal for hooks, needles etc). Also ideal for sharpening hoof knives. Diamond shaft is 6cm long. Handle reverses to make a cap...
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Model: 203560
 Stainless steel hardware for home-kill use.  We recommend use with the stainless s-hook.These are ideal accessories for the Fast-lock pulley system for home-kill.  The gambrel is from 10mm rod and 30cm wide...
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Model: 204269
Standard leather punch tool with six punches for holes 2.3mm to 4.5mm diameter...
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