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Farming is growing crops or keeping animals by people for food and raw materials. Farming is a part of agriculture.
Agriculture started thousands of years ago, but no one knows for sure how old it is. The development of farming gave rise to the Neolithic Revolution whereby people gave up nomadic hunting and became settlers in what became cities.

Agriculture and domestication probably started in the Fertile Crescent (the Nile Valley, The Levant and Mesopotamia).The area called Fertile Crescent is now in the countries of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt. Wheat and barley are some of the first crops people grew. People probably started agriculture slowly by planting a few crops, but still gathered many foods from the wild. People may have started farming because the weather and soil began to change. Farming can feed many more people than hunter-gatherers can feed on the same amount of land.

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1 Litre bottle Jurox Q-Drench all round drench for sheep and goats

Q-drench is a short acting, 4 way combination sheep drench. It is also effective on goats.  Q-drench..

$125.00 Ex Tax: $113.64

1,000kg break strength 25mm x 5m Ratchet Tiedown Twin Pack Aerofast

Heavy Duty 25mm x 5m  Ratchet Tiedown Aerofast 1,000kg break strength Twin Pack Ratchet tie-downs..

$47.50 Ex Tax: $43.18

10 x 12 / 2.9 x 3.5 metres Medium Duty Tarpaulin Blue

Medium Duty Tarpaulin Blue 10 x 12 / 2.9 x 3.5 metres ..

$12.25 $11.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

10 x Greenhouse Grow Cones

Whites Greenhouse Grow Cones provide ideal growing conditions for seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Shi..

$19.98 Ex Tax: $18.16

10 x MAXT MaxTensor Fence Wire Terminator and Tensioner Medium

The MaxTensor Terminator and Tensioner is a unique design ideal for through-post and around-post tie..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $22.68

10 x Offset Insulators 150mm Drive in Pigtail Offsets

Offset Insulators 150mm Drive in Pigtail Offsets Pack of 10 Side drive wood post pigtail offset Us..

$37.95 Ex Tax: $34.50

10 x Offset Insulators 200mm Screw-in Wood Post Offsets

Offset Insulators 200mm Screw-in Wood Post Offsets Pack of 10   Thunderbird offset electric fenc..

$16.95 Ex Tax: $15.41

10 x Plastic Fake Brooder Eggs Small / Bantam / Quail size

Plastic Fake Brooder Eggs  Fake plastic eggs are used to encourage chickens to lay their eggs in ..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

10 x Stop Valve Calf Feeder Tube

The Excal tube and teat stop-valve is a one-piece plastic moulding with a stainless steel ball. T..

$10.50 Ex Tax: $9.55

100 x Kruuse Disposable Needles

Boxes of 100 needles.  Kruuse needles are very sharp with multi facet points. Note that not all n..

$9.75 Ex Tax: $8.86

10x Calf Neck Identification Bands

Hook and loop type nylon bands for quick and easy calf identification whether for identity at birth ..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

11L Metal Bucket Galvanised

Bucket Galvanised 11L   Round bucket with heavy galvanising. Heavy duty handle. Stand/..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

12.5kg Absorbacide Food Grade Fossil Flour Diatomaceous Earth APVMA Approved

This is a natural product registered with the Australian Veterinary and Pesticides Authority for use..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

120 Grit Flap Disc Sander - suits Hoof Boss Trimmer

This high quality 2″ (50mm) diameter 120 Grit Flap Disc is a highly versatile tool, used on its face..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

15 Litre Hook Over Feed Bucket Little Giant

Made in the USA the Hook Over Portable Feeder is ideal for field, pasture, trailer, stall, or kennel..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

150mm / 6 inch Rain Gauge Fjord Classic

Gauge Fjord Classic Rain 150mm / 6" capacity A heavy duty, UV stabilised rain gauge made by Fjord M..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $18.18

15kg Diatomaceous Earth Fines Organic Animal Wormer Fossil Flour

Organic Animal Wormer / Insecticide / Diatomaceous Earth Fines 15kg Diatomaceous earth (diatomite..

$52.50 Ex Tax: $47.73

18l Poultry Drinker Bucket Waterer

This large plastic waterer will keep a large flock of chooks in water for days!   Holds 18 litres..

$43.75 Ex Tax: $39.77

1kg Milk Replacer Passwell Formula One Orphaned Animals

Formula One is a low lactose emergency milk formula that can be used for a range of different specie..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $22.73

1kg Molodri Diatomaceous Earth with Dried Molasses

Molodri is a blend of liquid molasses and diatomite (approx. 50% molasses by weight) carefully formu..

$6.50 Ex Tax: $5.91

1kg Organic Natural Insecticide Diatomaceous Earth Fossil Flour

Diatomaceous earth (diatomite) is popular for use in gardens to control insects in a chemical free w..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $8.64

2 litre Long Handle Plastic Feed Scoop

2 litre Feed Scoop: essential item for every farm! Traditional long-handle flat bottom style s..

$10.50 Ex Tax: $9.55

2 litre Milk Billy Can with push on sealable lid

Milk Billy Can 2 litre with push on sealable lid   Cowbell is ..

$32.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

2 litre stand up Feed Scoop Plastic Jug

2 litre stand up Feed Scoop Here is a feed scoop design that really works. The  hard-corner fla..

$8.75 Ex Tax: $7.95

2 x Calf Puller Ropes

Special eye-spliced traction ropes for your calf puller.   Make pull-knots to suit calf puller hooks..

$14.25 Ex Tax: $12.95

2 x Calving / Lambing / Kidding Ropes Lightweight

Lightweight 4mm diameter nylon ropes with eye splices both ends, sealed for durability. Also use..

$15.50 Ex Tax: $14.09

2 x Troughomatic Water Filler Automatic Trough Filler for Animals Livestock

Troughomatic Water Filler The Troughomatic water filler clips over any handy  bowl container or t..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $45.41

2.5litre Simcro drench container

Simcro 2.5litre drench container   Simcro rigid back-pack drench containers are  moulded in high-d..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $36.32

20 x Castration Rings For Lambs, Kids And Calves

These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market with production being continually  monito..

$3.50 Ex Tax: $3.18

20 x MAXT MaxTensor Fence Wire Joiner and Tensioner Medium

MaxTensor's exclusively patented system features all metal construction designed for maximum quality..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

20 x Plastic Tree Guard Tree Protector Sleeve Tree Tube

Plastic Tree Guard / Sleeve Packet of 20 Protect young plants and trees with these plastic tree t..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $10.91

20L Heavy Duty Plastic Bucket complete with lid

Bucket Plastic Heavy Duty 20L complete This big strong 20-litre bucket will withstand a lot of ..

$43.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

20l Poultry Drinker Siphon Tankstand

This is a very big solid drinker, standing on 3 heavy-duty legs. Heavy-duty cap and handle on to..

$125.00 Ex Tax: $113.64

25 x Fibreglass Rod Post for Electric Fence

Fibreglass tread in posts are lightweight and the perfect solution for both strip grazing and perman..

$104.95 Ex Tax: $95.41

25 x Plastic Black Tread-in Multiwire Post for Electric Fence

Plastic multi-wire post 1080mm high Heavy duty white or black polymer Extremely light  ..

$165.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

25kg Bag Molodri Diatomaceous Earth with Molasses

Organic Animal Wormer / Insecticide / Molodri 25kg Bag Molodri is a blend of liquid molasses and ..

$59.50 Ex Tax: $54.09

25km Mains / Battery / Solar Electric Fence Energiser

Thunderbird’s energiser features world class performance and benefits, with advance..

$295.00 Ex Tax: $268.18

280mm Rain Gauge Fjord Maxx

Gauge Fjord Maxx Rain 280mm capacity  Quick and easy to install Super accurate Inner tube ..

$31.50 Ex Tax: $28.64

2km Mains Electric Fence Energiser

2KM ENERGISER SMALL MAINS SYSTEM   M-30 powers up to 2km  0.29 joules* * denotes stored joules  ..

$115.00 Ex Tax: $104.55

3 x 4 metres Weatherview Screen See Through Tarpaulin

Weatherview See Through Tarpaulin 3 x 4 metres BRAND NEW CLEAR REINFORCED TARPS  ALLOWS NATURAL LI..

$22.75 Ex Tax: $20.68

3 x Ozfarmer Mesophilic Starter Culture / Vegetable Fermenting Starter

Ozfarmer Mesophilic Starter Culture / Vegetable Fermenting Starter x 3 Freeze dried culture which..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

3 x Replacement Blades Only for Professional Hoof Cutting Disc

Professional Hoof Cutting Disc Replacement Blades Only Set of 3   Replacement knives to suit t..

$149.00 Ex Tax: $135.45

3 x Tree Tubes Protection Sleeve for Trees

Tree Tubes pk 3 PROTECT PLANTS FROM DAMAGE Tree Tubes are a great way to protect small plants ..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00

30 x Handy Easi Ties for Plants

Whites Easi Ties are cost effective, soft and gentle and very easy to use plant ties. Easi Ties: ..

$3.95 Ex Tax: $3.59

35km Mains / Battery / Solar Electric Fence Energiser

Thunderbird’s energiser features world class performance and benefits, with advance..

$350.00 Ex Tax: $318.18

3kg Budget Grass Seed Mix Suitable for Grazing

Heritage Seeds Budget blend is a mix of Hulled Couch, Ryegrass and Tall Fescue. This is a general p..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $36.32

4 x Poultry Waterer Nipples with Thread

These poultry waterer nipples turn any bucket or a poly waterpipe into a poultry water device. Ea..

$18.95 Ex Tax: $17.23

If you are keen to start preserving, this is a great place to start.  The Deluxe Stovetop canner is ..
Ex Tax: $225.00
This package contains our favourite amber jars and bottles and is ideal also for fermenting!  The ja..
Ex Tax: $150.00
This package contains our favourite blue jars and bottles and is ready for summer!  The jars and bot..
Ex Tax: $150.00
If you are keen to start preserving, this is a great place to start.  The Presto pressure canner can..
Ex Tax: $250.00
This package includes 4 cases of regular mouth jars in 4 useful sizes, plus plastic storage lids as ..
Ex Tax: $150.00
This package includes 4 cases of wide mouth jars in 3 useful sizes, plus replacement lids when you w..
Ex Tax: $170.00
These tiny stainless steel measuring spoons are great for when required to measure out tiny amounts ..
Ex Tax: $8.14
PetFlex is a flexible, cohesive bandage with quick and easy application. PetFlex is a cohesive band..
Ex Tax: $5.41
These fun, eye-catching bandages feature all the performance of PetFlex but with silver glitter to a..
Ex Tax: $7.23
Genia Strap Band Cohesive Bandage Bitter Taste is an elastic cohesive bandage with a bittering agent..
Ex Tax: $4.50
These coloured  lids are an attractive single piece lid. Use on regular mouth jars.They can be ..
Ex Tax: $0.59
Introducing a single piece high heat lid to use with all wide mouth Ball Mason, Kerr and Bormioli Ro..
Ex Tax: $0.91
These weights are actually Weck reusable Glass Lids.  Made of the highest quality glass, they contai..
Ex Tax: $2.27
Ball Wide Mouth Bands for preserving fit all wide mouth (86mm) glass preserving jars. Seal in the fr..
Ex Tax: $0.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Pint  Jars and Lids Case of 12 BPA Free LidsBall Wide Mouth Pint (437ml) G..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Wide Mouth Lids Ball Mason - Box of 12  BPA free Ball Wide Mouth Lids  for preserving fit all wi..
Ex Tax: $3.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars and Lids Case of 12  BPA free lidBall Wide Mouth Quart (950ml) ..
Ex Tax: $34.50
Regular Mouth Lids Ball Mason (Without Bands - Box of 12) BPA FreeBall Regular Mouth Lids for pr..
Ex Tax: $2.68
Ball Mason 4oz / 120ml Quilted Jam Jars and BPA Free Lids x 12Ball Regular Mouth Quilted 4oz  (1..
Ex Tax: $17.73
This pouch is past its BEST BEFORE Date, however this has minimal impact on the final product.A ..
$34.95 $27.50
Ex Tax: $25.00
Item is past its BEST BEFORE DATE however this has minimal impact on the end productPear replace..
$34.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
Item is past its BEST BEFORE date however this has minimal impact on the end product.Pear repl..
$34.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
NOTE: Product is on special because the culture is past its BEST BEFORE date (August 2018).  This do..
$44.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
The kids and the children at heart will love these teddy bear jars which feature a 280ml jar on a co..
$9.85 $3.45
Ex Tax: $3.14
Brand new 240ml round  jars with no shoulders in a 105 pack.  These jars are the perfect size for a ..
$99.95 $74.95
Ex Tax: $68.14
The Bormioli Rocco Fido range of jars features jars with a glass swing lid that closes down on a rub..
$5.00 $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.50
Kraft Brown Wraparound Labels L7145, 180/pack, 190X16mmCreate a homemade and natural look with t..
$24.95 $11.00
Ex Tax: $10.00
Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit! And com..
$49.95 $24.95
Ex Tax: $22.68
Milk Billy Can 20  or 40 litre with Sealable lidCowbell is a quality brand of stainless steel ..
Ex Tax: $226.36
Compact pocket-size lower-powered prodder ideal for dairy use.  Press button for shock delivery.  ..
Ex Tax: $51.82
Horse Sense provides an in-depth guide to horse care under conditions unique to Australia and New Ze..
Ex Tax: $62.68
Goat Webbing Halter Good quality halter made from double layers of 16mm webbing. This size is la..
Ex Tax: $37.23
Muzzle made specially for Australian sheep dogs such as  Kelpie and Border Collie etc. Allows go..
Ex Tax: $33.18