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Emergency Supplies

You never know when an emergency might strike: be it flood, cyclone, disease, economic recession or even war or an unforeseen catastrophe.

Due to the current Corona virus we have been experiencing high demand for our long life food items.  Unfortunately we are unable to get more supplies in the short term and we apologise if we are unable to fill your order completely.

Brand: Sunstate
From national bestselling author and retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson comes the essential guide for surviving today’s emergencies—from navigating in the wild to staying alive in any disaster. These 100 skills, adapted for civilians from actual field experiences of special forces operations, offer ..
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The Bushbox LF (large, foldable) is a size between Bushbox and Bushbox XL and combines the best of both worlds: very small, yet foldable and just as good a big one. Of course, the Bushbox LF is made with the same special and unique hinges as the Bushbox XL: This extremely complex hinge technology en..
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Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF in the extra-light titanium version! Weighs only 270g (315g with bag). The Bushbox LF Titanium comes complete with our hard-wearing outdoor bag and a pair of pot rests. The Bushbox LF (large, foldable) is a size between Bushbox and Bushbox XL and combines the best ..
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Bushbox Outdoor Stainless Steel Cooking Stove Bushbox Outdoor Stainless Steel Cooking Stove
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The Bushbox is a small, handy and inexpensive one person cooker / hobo. Made of stainless steel (1.4301) and yet only 270 grams (including bag), it is also very compact at 9 x 11.5 cm. It delivers a huge performance on a small budget. With integrated ash pan as floor protection. Can be used for a..
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An extremely efficient portable folding cooker for grilling, cooking, warming. Folded only about 1cm thick. Perfect for longer outdoor trips, camping, trekking, bushcraft, bikers, expeditions and don't forget it as your emergency cooking stove when SHTF or cyclones, fire, floods or pandemics strike!..
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Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL in the extra-light titanium version! Weighs only 490g (540g with bag). Pack size (folded in the bag): 21 x 17 x 1 cm (without bag 19 x 12.5 x 1 cm). The thermally particularly stressed parts (base plate, pan supports) are made of stainless steel. The Bushbox XL Titani..
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Country Cottage Macaroni and Cheese Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Country Cottage Macaroni and Cheese Up to 25 Year Shelf Life
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Mac and cheese - is there any better comfort food? Patriot Pantry Country Cottage Mac and Cheese pack hits the spot every time. This dish is packed with semolina elbow noodles and a rich sauce with real cheddar cheese. We're sure it will fill you up and keep you going in an emergency. It's also grea..
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The Meal that Keeps You Going. Tender noodles. Savoury and creamy mushroom broth. Comfort anytime.  Patriot Pantry Creamy Stroganoff is a complete hearty dish. Tender egg noodles covered in a rich, creamy mushroom sauce. This is the dish they'll ask for again and again. This Creamy Stroganoff ha..
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The fire starter is a useful tool for anyone outdoors and needing to start a fire in any conditions.  Great for camping or for an emergency supply kit. Instructions are included: to use, hold the steel strike bar still in one hand and drag the magnesium-allow rod fast and firmly over the bar.  This..
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Freeze-Dried Blueberries case packs are an absolute essential to keep in both your pantry and emergency food supply. Not only are they extremely satisfying to eat, they're packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Simply put, they have everything you need to keep your family happy and healthy during a..
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Pineapple. This tangy, sweet fruit makes a great snack. It gives you a natural, nutrient-rich energy boost. These resealable pouches contain 8 servings each. Since it requires no refrigeration, this freeze-dried pineapple is essential to have on hand during a power outage or other emergency. It h..
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Strawberries are Nature's candy. Incredibly sweet and tart, Patriot Pantry Freeze-Dried Strawberries packs are great on their own or in your favourite recipes. They pair well with chocolate, cream, light pastries and much more. Keep a pack in your pantry for everyday use. You can add some to your t..
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