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Offset Insulators

Offset insulators are used in offset or retrofit electric fencing to protect existing conventional fencing or extend the life of new fences. Old fences can be made to last for many more years by simply attaching offset brackets and an electrified wire on one or both sides, even where fences have deteriorated so much that they need replacing.
Brand: Thunderbird
Offset Insulators 150mm Drive in Pigtail Offsets Pack of 10 Side drive wood post pigtail offset Used for electrifying and protecting existing wooden posts Can be used with wire, braid and tape Install by hammering in and then staple the elbow to the post UV stabilised for weather resistance and..
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Brand: Thunderbird
Thunderbird offset electric fence insulators are UV stabilized plastic molded to long screw that sits 200mm out when screwed in. Also known as: standoff insulators stand off insulators off set insulator stand away insulators..
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50 x Offset Insulators 150mm Steel Post Poly Offsets
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Brand: Thunderbird
Offset Insulators 150mm Steel Post Poly Offsets Pack of 50..
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Brand: Thunderbird
Polytube offset insulator can be attached to prestrained wire. Pack of 10..
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Offset Insulators 270mm Drive in Pigtail Offsets Pack of 10 - EF-341 - Fencing and Netting..
Ex Tax:$34.50
Offset Insulators 300mm Reba Steel Post Poly Pack of 50 - EF28S - Fencing and Netting..
Ex Tax:$95.41
Offset Insulators 300mm Wire with Pinlock Pack of 50 - EF29 - Fencing and Netting..
Ex Tax:$126.82
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