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Other Stock Control

Other Stock Control
Other measures used for controlling stock as as the Stockstill immobiliser, animal counters and captive bolt pistols.
Reliably engineered counter or pocket tally for counting anything, moving or still. Easy to operate. A valuable tool specially for counting livestock. Press thumb lever to count. Turn knob to re-set.Case is nickel plated...
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This restrainer works like a charm! The ideal restrainer for transporting, holding, foot trimming, lambing, etc. This restrainer keeps the animal so tranquil it will even feed.It is the perfect way to humanely restrain an animal.It can be used again and again  and is ideal for foot trimming,..
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Originally developed as a sheep cuff by Australian breeder Peter Durak the calf cuff is useful to restrain a calf or sheep where you want it.It is a simple device to quickly and conveniently immobilse an animal.The two front legs and one back leg are slipped into the cuff which is then snapp..
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The pithing rod is used as an alternative to bleeding-out of a slaughtered or stunned animal. Such measures are required practice after use of a captive bolt device on a large animal (bull or horse). Discuss with your veterinarian. Length 46cm o.a...
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Developed by South Australian farmer Ian Thorpe, the Tin Dog can save a lot of yelling and whistling. Especially useful around yards and races. The six steel discs make quite a racket to keep stock moving. All galvanised construction. Handy side hook to hang on a nail or fence wire.  ..
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Invented and developed in USA by Mr. Buck Wheeler, the Stableizer is now used by top trainers and breeders around the world to restrain and calm any horse, in particular for vet or other procedures. Testimonials claim that the Stableizer is better than drugs to calm an animal. Users claim the Stabl..
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Extra activators to suit the captive bolt activator (activator available separately)Activators in packs of 50 of one colour only (when selecting the option please ensure that only one colour is ticked to avoid delays in order processing)small pigs calves sheep goats  green    store pigs ..
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Debudding and dehorning of stronger calves can be a difficult exercise. This positive restraint solves the problem. The calf's head is manoevred into the restraint and then the chain is hooked over the head locking the calf in place. The restraint design enables easy access to the calf's horns.T..
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Whip Karaka StockKaraka whips are hard-working and long lasting. They are real working whips that are easy to crack. Made in New Zealand by a professional whip maker.The handle is tough, braided, synthetic strips, wound over a stainless steel core, and requiring no maintenance.The whip i..
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Karaka Whips developed a synthetic whip that is great for all levels, from beginners to professionals. These whips are designed for all weather conditions and are maintenance free. The lead-loaded thong is completely synthetic which means that it cannot rot or be broken easily. The synthetic whip ca..
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A sad part of farming is that animals can get sick or sustain injuries from which there is no recovery.  For many farmers it is not viable or practical to call on a vet to euthanase the animal and this is where the captive bolt device comes into play.A captive bolt device is used for safe a..
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Stock Still Animal ImmobiliserElectronic animal restraining device that generates precise electrical pulses. Acting on the nervous system, Stockstill “locks up” the skeletal muscles making the animal rigid. It is believed also to have a blocking effect on pain signals to the brain. Recovery is vir..
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