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**INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY*** Sorry we are unable to send this item outside Australia. Are worms affecting your sheep or goat herd?  Worms can wreak havoc on herds if not controlled quickly: for small farmers it is easy to spot an animal suffering from worms. With barbers pole worm,..
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Smallest size poultry feeder.  Suitable for a small number of chickens or small birds. Heavy galvanising on all metal parts. Base is 21cm diameter and the overall height is 23 cm.Suitable for layer pallets as well as scratch mix and grain...
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Cowbell is a quality brand of stainless steel  dairy equipment.  These billies are seamless and  incorporate a wide lid for easy cleaning.    Supplied complete with a push-on lid. Neck opening is 175mm  Diameter of the main body is 210mm Overall height is 280mm..
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Fake plastic eggs are used to encourage chickens to lay their eggs in a particular place. They can also be used under broody birds to encourage them to sit and incubate other eggs or even to raise day old chicks.This listing is for packets of 10 small plastic eggs, each of which is 40mm long x 3..
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The Excal tube and teat stop-valve is a one-piece plastic moulding with a stainless steel ball.The valve stem is 7.7mm o.d. suitable for plastic tube with i.d. from about 6mm to 7mm.Valve length 23mm.  Diameter 13mm at maximum.The stop valve can assist the calf suckling. Available a..
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Brand: Imported
Boxes of 100 needles. High quality needles individually sterile packed.Higher gauge number is a thinner needle.Note that not all needle sizes are held in stock and so we cannot guarantee express delivery of needles. If stock is not on hand, it takes 2 - 3 business days to procure...
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Infrared Brooder Lamp Globe-only - 212127 - Animals..
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Hook and loop type nylon bands for quick and easy calf identification whether for identity at birth or for signifying treatment with antibiotics or sulphur drugs.Also useful for marking different age rearing or treatment groups.Washable and reusable.Highly visible neon colours. 59cm long..
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Round bucket with heavy galvanising.Heavy duty handle.Stand/grip ring on bottom...
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This high quality 2″ (50mm) diameter 120 Grit Flap Disc is a highly versatile tool, used on its face and used in a variety of applications — from stick removal to grinding, buffing and finishing...
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Optional 12V charger to suit Farmhand Rechargeable Prodder  ..
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15 Litre Hook Over Feed Bucket Little Giant BLACK
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Made in the USA the Hook Over Portable Feeder is ideal for field, pasture, trailer, stall, or kennel use.Can be used for a variety of animals, including horses, goats, sheep, and dogs.Durable, impact-resistant plastic feeder has a molded-in bracket that easily hooks over any board up to 50mm..
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