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Bell Mason Single Jars

French Square Dairy Bottles (also known as French Squares) are a space saving and elegant way to present and store a range of products.Traditionally used in dairies for storing milk, these jars can also be used to store dry foods, sauces, body lotions and more.The 8 oz size is also a very po..
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Large size loop jar / growler suitable for a range of liquids including beer, cider, kombucha, vinegar and more. Huge capacity jar with stylish carry loop makes the jar a feature in any kitchen or bar!These Gallon (128 oz) growlers take 38mm screw top lids (not twist top).  Wadded silver l..
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Protect the nuances of your crafted brew in our Handled Amber Glass Beer Bottles.The amber colour prevents light from degrading your product so these growlers are also perfect for storing and serving kombucha and other fermented drinks.These 1/2 Gallon (64 oz) growlers take 38mm screw caps M..
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