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Cleaning and Sanitation

Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture changes texture based on your water temperature. Firm in cold water for tough scrubbing, soft in warm water for light cleaningHe rinses free of debris, resists odours, and cleans well with water aloneScratch free on over a dozen surfaces from non-stick to stainless steel and even car exterior paintHis eyes hold onto your fingers and mouth clea..
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Model: 217652
The mini disinfection mat uses the same proven principles as other hoof and disinfection mats, but is designed as a very low-cost alternative where footwear disinfection is required at the entrances to contamination-sensitive premises. FeaturesStrong mesh upper, welded to an anti-bacterial PVC outer Outer dimensions are 45cm x 45cm x 25mm depth. Liquid capacity is 3.5 litres. The m..
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Model: 215571
Good solid boot cleaner for farm or home. Galvanised frame is bolted securely down. The stiff bristle brushes clean sole and sides.Size: 30cm L x 30cm W x 15cm H.  ..
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