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Model: 12103
• Re-tighten fencing over time to prevent wire sag • Available in two styles • Galvanised steel constructionRatchet (premium) and Handyman (economy) stylesRatchet Style (choose premium option)Galvanised steel ribbed frame • Smooth ratchet action • Up to 4.00mm wire • Tapered spool for ease of starting and aligning wire • 16mm (5/8”) square drive • Stays on the fence li..
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Model: 12005
Whites Fencer's Tool is a convenient and easy to use tool for tying off wires up to 4mm in diameter. Simply thread the wire through the relevant gauge hole, twist and you have an instant tie for most fencing applications.It fixes plain or barbed wire to steel fence posts. Easy to use, each pack includes application tool...
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Model: 206429
Taratite Fence Wire StrainerTaratite is a new lightweight nylon roll-up  wire strainer but keeps fence wires tensioned just as effectively as metal strainers.  Steel locking clips secure wire. This  UV stabilised plastic material is lower cost and  lighter to pack than metal strainers but will last just as long.Sturdy lug enables wire tensioning with any round bar or screwdriver. Just ..
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Model: 12399
Netting Clips for securing netting to line wires “C” clip for securing netting Convenient pack of 500 Galvanised steel Use with our high quality c-clip pliers ..
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Model: EF-15D
Sign to warn of presence of dogs on the property.Made of UV stabilised plastic...
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Model: EF-15A
Sign to warn that unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter an area.Made of UV stabilised plastic...
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Model: EF-15B
Sign to request that gates be shut after entry.Made of UV stabilised plastic...
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Electric Fence Handle - high visibility white Electric Fence Handle - high visibility white
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Model: 206411
High-visibility white electric fence handle. Replacement  spring available.  Buy in a pack of 5 to save.  Very strong and long lasting...
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Model: EF51
Plastic cap to fit on the top of 10mm fibreglass posts.  Protects the post when driving it into the ground...
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Model: 217361
These clips are designed for use in poultry cages, to clip netting together, ensuring a neat and tidy job with no wire ends protruding to cause harm. Simply applied with special applicator plier. Essential cage building material. Approx. 550 clips in 450gm bag. For bigger jobs buy in bulk with a 9kg box! Made in USA..
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Model: 206414
This is a revolution in gate handles.If you have used  a standard handle you will know when you swing it across the race or back of the fence and clip it on to a fence wire it slides back along the wire dropping  onto the ground.The patented Clip-Away design  stays where you put it on the fence wire. As well as this unique design feature the Clip-Away ha..
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Model: 210826
Electrified ovinet netting posts only price is per each with a minimum buy of 3 posts.108cm black colourThis item is sent directly from our supplier via courier. Please provide a daytime contact phone number to coordinate delivery...
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Model: EF-17L
Thunderbird offset electric fence insulators are UV stabilized plastic molded to long screw that sits 200mm out when screwed in.Also known as:standoff insulators stand off insulators off set insulator stand away insulators..
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Model: EF57
Easy to install galvanised butterfly / spring clip to be used with 10mm fibreglass posts. Great fencing option for semi-permanent and permanent fencing.FeaturesHot dipped galvanised Easy to attachBenefitsCan easily be moved up and down the standard Multiple wires can be attached at any height..
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Model: 12152
The MaxTensor Terminator and Tensioner is a unique design ideal for through-post and around-post tie off applications.   Quick and easy to use it saves valuable time tying off on single posts. It allows for easy re-tensioning over time.   Suitable for 1.8mm to 3.2mm wire (max load 400kg, 3.9kN)Also available: Joiners: click for details Tensioning Tools: click for details    MAX Enginee..
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Model: 215421
Our repair clips are the easy way to repair electrified netting fences. Just slip the broken ends into the open holes of the clip, then slide the plastic sleeves over the folded wire. This device is quick and easy to fit, and gives certain continuity of current...
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Model: EF27
Polytube offset insulator can be attached to prestrained wire. Pack of 10..
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Model: EF-340
Offset Insulators 150mm Drive in Pigtail Offsets Pack of 10 Side drive wood post pigtail offset Used for electrifying and protecting existing wooden posts Can be used with wire, braid and tape Install by hammering in and then staple the elbow to the post UV stabilised for weather resistance and long life High strength, durable spring steel..
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Model: EF9
A simple tester to help measure voltage along your electric fence: wherever you have a short or bad connection in the fence, you will experience a drop in voltage which will reduce the effectiveness of the fence.4 light levels to indicate the condition of the fence at the particular test point No batteries required Lights flash at 1500 volt steps..
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Model: EF49
If you have an electrified floodway or your fence crosses a river or creek, it may be a good idea to fit a flood controller.This is basically an energy limiter, and prevents the immersed section of the fence from shorting out the entire system when a flood occurs.It minimises voltage loss across floodways.Fit the controller in series with a couple of connector clamps...
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Model: EF10K
Kit comprises of     1 x lightning choke spring      1 x porcelain arrestor      1 x end strain insulator      2 x wire joint clampsLightning coming in contact with the insulated live wire and travelling back towards the energiser—slows down due to the choke spring and allows the spike to dissipate through the arrestor to earth. Install the kit on the first run of fencing 30 metres away..
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Model: EF11F
Thunderbird underground cable is double insulated for premium insulation and features a galvanised wire core.2.5mm thickness is recommended for longer run fences or with high energy fence energisers.  It is 3 times more conductive than standard 1.6mm underground cable helping to prevent power loss in the fence...
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Model: EF22
Offset Insulators 150mm Steel Post Poly Offsets Pack of 50..
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Model: EF8
Check the voltage of your electric fence to fix faults.By testing at different parts of the electric fence and using the digital voltmeter you can see where you may have shorts in the fence or bad connections that cause a voltage drop which results in the fence being less effective than optimal.The Thunderbird Digital Voltmeter displays volts in 100 volt increments upto 9.9kvNote..
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Model: 12157
MaxTensor's exclusively patented system features all metal construction designed for maximum quality, reliability, and ease of use when joining and tensioning wire. Available in two sizes: • Medium for joining and tensioning fencing wire and fabricated fence is suitable for 1.8mm to 3.2mm wire (max load 400kg, 3.9kN)  • Large for joining and tensioning fencing and horticultural wire is sui..
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Model: EF4
The Thunderbird Fence Flasher flashes a bright light to show that your fence is working properly.The unit emits a flash, the frequency of which is dependant on the size of the energiser and the condition of the fence.This can vary from every 2nd pulse on a large energiser to every 8th pulse for small powered energisers This flash is directional.Typically the flasher can be seen up..
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Model: EF-40BWREEL
Thunderbird Reel with 200m of white tape..
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Model: EF55
Fibreglass tread in posts are lightweight and the perfect solution for both strip grazing and permanent grazing.The rods are 10mm diameter, and lightweight.They come in packs of 25, in a choice of 3 sizes.Springclips can also be attached to the posts to enable multiple heights of wire to be strung.  This is shown in the photo but the clip is not included. Nylon caps help ..
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Model: M-30
  M-30 powers up to 2km  0.29 joules* * denotes stored joules   Safety certified and approved to Australian and New Zealand Standards OK operation pulse light flashes with each fence pulse Quality Australian product with 2 years warranty Lightning spark gap fitted - 6 months warranty against lightning strikes Tough weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure Surface mount electron..
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Model: M-65
M-65 powers up to 7.5km  0.74 joules* * denotes stored joules   Safety certified and approved to Australian and New Zealand Standards OK operation pulse light flashes with each fence pulse Quality Australian product with 2 years warranty Lightning spark gap fitted - 6 months warranty against lightning strikes Tough weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure Surface mount electronics - ..
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Model: 12160
The MaxTensor range of tensioning tools are designed to make easy work of tensioning and straining fencing with professional results. There are two tensioning tools in the range fitting most commonly available joiners: Quality Option: Heavy Duty Steel - Contractor Grade Tensioning Tool Hardened alloy steel head, corrosion resistant. Heavy duty. For intensive use: Max load 350kg (3.4kN) Standar..
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Model: EF5A
The Thunderbird Fault Finder saves time and money by directing you to fence problems and shorts fast. This advanced electronic fence fault finding aid is both easy to use and very accurate, resulting in the ideal e