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Animal Tattoo Equipment

Animal Tattoo Equipment
Equipment for animal tattoos include tattoo pliers, tattoo digits and tattoo ink.
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Stone Tattoo Outfit

Stone Tattoo OutfitAll Stone tattoo equipment is precision made of special aluminium alloy by skil..

$166.25 Ex Tax: $151.14

Tattoo Hayes Plier 10-place

Hayes tattoo pliers have double-action leverage. This ensures good penetration of pins, essential fo..

$299.00 Ex Tax: $271.82

Tattoo Stone Outfit Economy

Same widely used tattoo as the Standard Outfit, but without ear release. Holds 4 of standard 3/8” (..

$179.00 Ex Tax: $162.73

Tattoo Stone Outfit Revolving Head

Holds up to 4 digits on each of 2 faces. Use one face for registration, and the other for number. ..

$265.00 Ex Tax: $240.91

Tattoo Stone Outfit Rotary 4 Chain

For marking a lot of animals with no fuss. Four chains each with 10mm numeric digits 0-9 plus 2 spa..

$775.00 Ex Tax: $704.55

Tattoo Stone Outfit Small Animal

Designed for tattooing dogs, goats or other smaller animals. Holds up to 5 of 5/16” (8mm) digits, i..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $171.82