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Knives and Cutters

Every farmer needs at least one knife and Ozfarmer has a range of knives from small pocket knives through to machetes and butchering knives.

Every cattle farmer needs a decent bloat knife.  This one is made for the job. Just make sure it  always hangs on the same handy nail to grab in that  emergency. 10cm blade. 23cm over-all. Special  quality sheath of heavy-duty leather riveted around  blade for safety and also with elastic saf..
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General purpose cutting blade and special brass grafting blade. The cutting blade features a special spur on the back edge useful for grafting work...
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This is a large knife suitable for a lot of uses, not least of being a great fish knife! High quality New Zealand-manufactured knife. Non-slip handle. Stainless-steel blade 25cm long. ..
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This block is to replace the old oilstone you all know so well. Thing is, this one achieves an edge in half the time, and can also be used to ´grind´ down highly worn tools such as axes, pruners, etc. Block is 2´x 6´ (5cm x 15cm) mounted on a quality walnut pedestal. This is really the way to sharp..
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Useful for honing edges on any knives, pocket knives, small tools, fish hooks, injection needles, etc. (Small groove in shaft ideal for hooks, needles etc). Also ideal for sharpening hoof knives. Diamond shaft is 6cm long. Handle reverses to make a cap...
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Handy pocket-size sharpener extremely useful for touching-up everything from fish hooks to hand tools, hedge clippers, pruners, knives and even lawn mower blades etc. 2cm x 5cm diamond stone bonded to 15cm plastic handle...
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Very useful belt or pocket tool for touching-up anything from hunting knives to fish hooks. This model is ideal for hunter or sportsman, and comes complete with heavy duty leather belt pouch. Diamond shaft inverts into machined brass handle. Diamond coated shaft is 9cm long x 6mm...
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Do you get frustrated trying to ´steel´ an edge on your favourite carving knife? No longer! Just a few touches with this fine steel and you will have the perfect edge. (Don´t overdo it!) Round 25cm diamond coated shaft with black plastic handle...
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Very handy knife for removing ear tags but also great twine cutter. Many other uses on the farm.  Length 20cm with 3cm long double razorsharp stainless steel cutting blades. Safe for your  pocket. Note: This item has Free Shipping which is just standard shipping, if you require it FAST t..
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The Excalibur Castle is a single-blade knife, suitable for general and skinning use. It features a wood grip and lock-open blade..
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The Excalibur Manor is a larger version of the Castle, with the same features. Possibly the most popular size in the rural market...
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The Excalibur Palace is a larger version of the Castle and Manor with the same features...
Ex Tax:$39.95
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