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Brand: Thunderbird
Newly released new generation of solar energisers from Thunderbird Australia. Thunderbird’s new Generation Solar Fence Energisers now include the following improvements: Digital Display for output voltage and battery condition Magnetic switch eliminates the need for holes through the case A.C...
Ex Tax:$450.00
Brand: Ozfarmer
  Freeze dried culture which is suitable for a wide range of hard and soft cheeses. Mesophilic is a freeze-dried culture, which contains Lactococcus lactis without biovar. diacetylactis. Each sachet contains enough culture for 4 L of milk. Activity = 2.4 U. Store below 25°C 5 sa..
Ex Tax:$10.00
Acrylic Wine Glasses Blue or Green Acrylic Wine Glasses Blue or Green
-70 %
Brand: D-Line
  Very good quality acrylic glasses: add a touch of glass to your outdoor occasions!   Wine glass holds 380ml Choose from blue or green or get a mixture of both!..
$1.00 $3.30
Ex Tax:$0.91
Ball Sip and Straw Lids Pack of 4 Regular Mouth Ball Sip and Straw Lids Pack of 4 Regular Mouth
-55 %
Convert your favourite regular mouth jar into a drinking jar with the addition of these drink lids and large drinking straws.  The lid features a large hole which will fit the straw supplied: extra wide for drinking even thicker milkshakes, smoothies or vegetable juices. Lid is white and the stra..
$2.25 $4.95
Ex Tax:$2.05
Glass Candle Holder 10cm Glass Candle Holder 10cm
Hot -30 %
Brand: Imported
Heavy duty glass candle holders standing 10cm high. Ideal for weddings and events. Available in 4 different colours.  If you are buying multiple quantities, you can include a message for us to mix the colours if desired...
$2.75 $3.95
Ex Tax:$2.50
Honey Badger Digging Gloves Green Nitrile 8 Honey Badger Digging Gloves Green Nitrile 8
-42 %
Brand: Imported
The garden tool that fits like a glove! Honey Badger Gloves are the original digging glove.  They were designed in the USA by an avid gardener, who found that his gloves always wore out on the fingers and in the same place.  Not being able to find any gloves in the market that addressed this proble..
$17.49 $29.95
Ex Tax:$15.90
Kefir Culture Freeze Dried for Fermented Drinks x 2 Sachets
-31 %
Brand: Mad Millie
Kefir culture freeze dried x 2 sachets Kefir is a popular and delicious fermented drink, using bacteria and yeast, which is healthy and great for you.  It can taste like a liquid yoghurt drink and be flavoured with fruit or other flavourings of your choice. This Kefir Culture contains 7 bacter..
$5.50 $8.00
Ex Tax:$5.00
Oasis Double Wall Reusable Coffee Eco Cup Oasis Double Wall Reusable Coffee Eco Cup
-31 %
Brand: D-Line
The Oasis Eco Cup is the perfect cup for coffee on the go rather than buying takeaway cups which fill up the landfill. The cup has a 300ml or 400ml capacity and has a sealable lid which can be easily twisted open to allow drinking out of the cup on the go. The double wall insulation means the ..
$5.50 $7.95
Ex Tax:$5.00
Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag model 34 Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag model 34
-45 %
Brand: D-Line
The Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag is the perfect accessory for salads in a jar. The bag will fit 2 wide mouth quart or 2 pint and a half jars or smaller. The bags feature a side zipper pocket and a lined and spacious interior to keep your lunch perfectly chilled or warmed. They have carry handl..
$16.50 $29.95
Ex Tax:$15.00
Sourdough Instant Starter Culture pack of 3
-46 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Imported
Sourdough Instant Starter Culture pack of 3 This Instant Sourdough Starter Culture requires no cultivating. You can add this straight to your dough mix without any hassle of growing or maintaining your sourdough starter.  This culture contains: Yeast Dextrose Lactococcus lactis sub..
$6.95 $12.95
Ex Tax:$6.32
Weedmat 70g x 5 metres Weedmat 70g x 5 metres
-20 %
Lay each Piece of 70gsm Weed Mat Woven under mulch to prevent weeds from growing, and to prevent insect (fruit-fly) larvae from emerging. It also allows air and water to pass through to plant roots, and provides an attractive base for rock or plant mulch. Permeability 7 litres per second. Ideal fo..
$3.96 $4.95
Ex Tax:$3.60
Yoghurt Culture Dairy Free Mad Millie
-20 %
Brand: Mad Millie
This yoghurt culture is a freeze dried yoghurt culture ideal for making yoghurt and yoghurt cheese. Freeze dried mixed strain culture containing streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii subs. bulgaricus, bifidobacterium lactis, lactobacillus acidophilus. 5 sachets included in each pa..
$7.15 $8.95
Ex Tax:$6.50
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