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Acrylic Wine Glasses Blue or Green
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Brand: D-Line Model: 7202
  Very good quality acrylic glasses: add a touch of glass to your outdoor occasions! Highball tumbler holds 500ml Wine glass holds 380ml Choose from blue or green or get a mixture of both!..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3284
Glass Measuring Glass Ideal for Cheese Making This glass, BPA free measuring glass is perfect for measuring out small quantities of liquids such as you might need in cheesemaking. The glass has measurements in ounces, millilitres, tablespoons and teaspoons. Ounces: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 Millilitres: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Teaspoons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Tablespoons: 1/2, 1, 11/2, 2 Handy in the kitche..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3657
Store plastic shopping bags for reuse in this handy shopping bag recycler. Drawstring top for easy filling Elasticated bottom for easy access to the bags May be neatly hung away Reuse your bags as bin liners, storage bags or for craft items. 230 x 420mm..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 8839
Need to keep food and drinks cool on the run?  The Cool Gems reusable ice pack is the perfect economical solution. Just put it in the freezer overnight and pop it in your lunchbox, esky or carry bag to keep things cool for hours. The perfect addition to our market totes. Ice packs are reusable, non toxic, food safe and can be used for sprains and minor injuries. Pack measures appr..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4853
The Tovolo Ladle Clip keeps almost any tool within reach without creating a mess on your stovetop or in a spoon rest. Heat resistant silicone and internal spring create a firm grip on almost any pot or pan! Heat resistant silicone won't scratch your cookware Extra-large hook securely holds most tools Flexible clip expands to fit almost any vessel These clips are a must have for anyone makin..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3203
Reorganise your pantry with these washable, self adhesive labels. 45 labels per packet and ordered alphabetically with the most popular herbs and spices. There are also 5 blanks for your own custom labels. Labels are 5cm x 2cm. Perfect to use with any of our glass jars for a complete reorganisation of your dry storage goods!..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3644
Keep your fresh produce fresh for longer with these storage bags. Available in a range of sizes and types to suit the most common perishable items: Banana Storage Bag: when kept in the fridge it provides bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh from over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to stop it blackening.  The fruit will keep for around ..
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Oasis Double Wall Reusable Coffee Eco Cup
-31 %
Brand: D-Line Model: 8902
The Oasis Eco Cup is the perfect cup for coffee on the go rather than buying takeaway cups which fill up the landfill. The cup has a 300ml or 400ml capacity and has a sealable lid which can be easily twisted open to allow drinking out of the cup on the go. The double wall insulation means the contents stay cold or hot for up to 1 hour. Made of recycled materials, you know you are doing th..
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Tin Plate Pudding Steamer with Lid 2.8l
-44 %
Brand: D-Line Model: 2920
Get organised for Christmas, Yulefest or for winter comfort food! Available in a convenient 2.8 litre size.  Comes complete with lid. 2.8 litre 21cm diameter 16cm high  ..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4378
This little funnel is super cute and super handy!  Sick of trying to pour your hot sauce creations into a woozy bottle without a spill?  This little funnel will save all the grief! 5.5cm wide at the mouth and just 9mm wide at the exit point, this will fit our little hot sauce bottles. Also handy for pouring essential oils into bottles, getting spices into small jars and for filling up your hip f..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3644
Keep your bananas fresh for longer with these storage bags. When kept in the fridge it provides bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh from over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to stop it blackening.  The fruit will keep for around a fortnight when stored in this banana bag: twice its normal lifespan. Polyester inside and out so easy to w..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3161
This is a great cleaner for narrow preserving jars and bottles. Bristles are made of soft blue silicone and provide excellent scrubbing power. Not suitable for bottles with narrow mouths such as many beer bottles and swing top bottles: if the internal diameter is at least 2.4cm the brush should fit inside. Length 35.5cm, head width 4.5cm..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3621
Core and slice apples and pears with ease with this Apple Divider. Wide handles take the pressure off your hands and sharp stainless steel blades glide easily through fruit and yield perfect slices. The handles are raised to assure ample clearance between your hands and the table. This Apple Divider is perfect for pies cobbler or preparing a simple snack...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 7902
This high quality stainless steel peeler will last for years and is perfect for peeling just about any fruit or vegetable!  It is particularly good for soft fruits and vegetables, such as peaches, tomatoes, kiwifruit etc but it also does a superb job on potatoes too!  It even has a pitting tool on the end so you can dig out potato eyes and blemishes.   It's ergonomic and lightweight design will m..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 7014-1
This bottle opener can be fixed to any solid surface (includes hardware for mounting) and is the perfect accessory to outdoor entertainment areas, barbeques, etc. Makes opening any bottle with a crown style cap a breeze: slightly tilt bottle and put the lid into the opening on the opener and then lever the lid off.  Sturdy heavy duty construction means it can be mounted in an area exposed t..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3004
Stainless steel milk thermometer with dial which reads up to 100 degrees C.  Zone for milk frothing is marked in red.Can also be used for heating milk for yoghurt and cheese making.It has a clip that allows it to be hung on the side of the pot.Shaft is approximately 11cm long from clip.The tip of the thermometer should be at least 5cm into the liquid.Do not use the thermometer in the microwave...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 7006
Quality stainless steel corkscrew: whilst most wine bottles now are screw top, many French wines still come with a cork.   This corkscrew has a 2 part piece which allows you to open bottles with even the tightest of corks without breaking the cork doing so!..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3759
Features a wide mouth funnel, a narrow spout funnel and a strainer which sits inside the larger funnel. Made of high heat silicone..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3160
Ideal brushes for cleaning preserving jars, drink dispensers and other large glass items. Includes a smaller brush on the end to get to those hard to clean places on bottles. Heavy duty brush. Overall length 54cm; brush 25cm Colour may vary from that shown...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4609
This pot rack is useful for putting in the bottom of your pot to keep jars elevated off the bottom.  The rack is 18cm diameter and is ideal if you want to process a small quantity of jars...
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Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag model 11
-55 %
Brand: D-Line Model: 8826
The Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag is the perfect accessory for salads in a jar. The bag will fit 2 wide mouth pint jars or smaller. The bags feature a side zipper pocket for your phone and a lined and spacious interior to keep your lunch perfectly chilled or warmed. Available in a range of colours and patterns: we will send a random choice...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3494
This stainless steel skimmer is a handy tool for any keen preserver or cheese maker.  Use it to remove the scum from the surface of jams and jellies, as well as stocks and soups.  It can also be used to remove fragile curds when cheesemaking.   12.5cm long...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3643
Slicing, lifting and serving watermelon just got a lot easier thanks to the Appetito Watermelon Slicer. Part tongs, part knife, this innovative stainless steel kitchen tool efficiently cuts, lifts and serves watermelon slices while keeping your hands and your benchtop clean. No stress, no mess, no sliced fingers and an entire melon evenly sliced and ready to enjoy in seconds, with the juice left..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4666
Ecozone's all in one formula gives you brilliant results every time! No need to unwrap, just place 1 tablet in the dispenser tray and run your normal cycle. The high-performance formula cuts through grease and grime to leave your glasses sparkling and dishes shiny even on short cycles The fast dissolving soluble wrapper releases powerful plant-based ingredients to erase difficult baked on st..
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Brand: D-Line Model: Bouquet Garni Sacks
These reusable 100% natural unbleached cotton sacks come complete with cotton drawstring for herbs,spices, teas and pot pourri sachets. Set of 10 bags, 10 x 12 cm. Spices shown for illustrative purposes...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 8834
This market tote is super convenient: when not in use it folds up into a small package and when unfolded it measures 40 x 36cm. Has an insulated lining on the inside of the bag to keep food and drinks cold for hours. Assorted prints are available: currently available in ladybug, cowprint, magnolia blossom and black medallion. If you don't include a note in your order to state which patter..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3639
Mango slicer and holder A simple press of the Mango Slicer removes the seed and cuts the fruit in half while slicing cleanly through the fruit leaving almost nothing behind on the seed. Easy grip cushions while you press and the stainless steel blades are sharp and sturdy.  Mango is cut in just one simple push-down motion. Includes a holder that keeps the mango in place whilst cutting, ..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 73192
This knife is specialised to carefully cut delicate curd withour tearing when making cheese. It is a special, long, blunt tip knife. Sterilize before use...
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Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag model 34
-45 %
Brand: D-Line Model: 8828
The Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag is the perfect accessory for salads in a jar. The bag will fit 2 wide mouth quart or 2 pint and a half jars or smaller. The bags feature a side zipper pocket and a lined and spacious interior to keep your lunch perfectly chilled or warmed. They have carry handles and also a longer shoulder strap if preferred. The dimensions are 22 x 24 x 17cm.  Availa..
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Splatter Screen Stainless Steel 33cm
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3514
Protect your stove and yourself from oil splatters with this stainless steel splatter screen. Sturdy stainless steel construction means it will endure for years and will fit over any pot or pan up to 33cm wide...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3650
Kick the plastic bag habit with these 5 reusable mesh bags. Store fruit and veges or anything else that you might usually put in a plastic bag. Reusable, lightweight, machine washable and 100% polyester, these bags are a very versatile alternative to plastic. 30 x 35cm  ..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4382
The stainless steel funnel has a removable strainer making it useful for pouring liquids into bottles and removing solids on the way.  Use for home made tomato sauce, oil, wine etc. Narrow spout means it will fit most size bottles and jars. Image shows funnel with and without strainer. Please note that picture shows 2views of the one funnel to illustrate the funnel with and without the strai..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3288
This luxurious tool will give you neatly pitted olives and cherries in seconds. Sutiable for large and small fruits, this pitter fits comfortable in your hand and is easy to use. You will be surprised how easy pitting is with this tool!..
Ex Tax:$18.14
Brand: D-Line Model: 7863
High Quality German Cherry and Olive Pitter My exterior was designed in the late 1950's, and aligned so optimally to my tasks that it has needed hardly any refinement over the years. My upper part and stoning plunger are made from one mould, meaning that I cannot ve detered either by a large quantity of fruit, nor through particularly stubbourn "opponents." Features: Designed and manufacture..
Ex Tax:$18.14
Brand: D-Line Model: 8898
Wine and beer el fresco is made easy with the Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Wine Tumbler from Oasis. Made from quality 18/8 stainless steel inside and out, this 330ml Wine Tumbler utilises vacuum insulation technology to significantly reduce heat transfer by conduction or convection. This technology prevents condensation from building on the exterior or heat from your hands perm..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 7041-1
We all know that sinking feeling: friends have come around and there is no cold white wine in the fridge. Panic no more!  The wine chill stick is a nifty device which can be easily stored in the freezer and will transform a hot and unappealing bottle of wine into a deliciously chilled drop in as little as 5 minutes. If you are not storing the wine stick in the freezer, you need to pop i..
Ex Tax:$18.14
Brand: D-Line Model: 7041-2
It's a really hot day and how good would a coldie be?  You open the fridge and discover to your horror: coldies are gone! Beer chill sticks to the rescue!  Beer chill sticks are made of food grade stainless steel which is both odourless and tasteless and they chill the beer from the inside. To use, simply place a stick in the bottle of beer (or any other drink bottle), leave to chi..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 7864
High Quality German Olive Pitter Removing the stone from olives is a such a chore if making tapenades or stuffing olives.  This beautiful German tool takes the chore out of the task and gives you a beautiful clean pit for stuffing.  This is a high quality yet lightweight kitchen gadget. Features: Designed and manufactured in Germany. Made from high quality cast aluminium ..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4670-2
Keep your dishwasher fresher for longer with the dishwasher Smellkiller from Ecozone. Eliminate nasty smells without using any harmful chemicals, simply hang the Smellkiller in your dishwasher and the reaction between high grade steel and water swiftly neutralises smells leaving the air fresh and clean once again. It’s designed to last a lifetime, keeping your dishwasher smelling great time aft..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4317
Chop and dice with the Salad Bar Super Dicer Chop and dice directly into the sturdy plastic container Top has an easy press, soft grip handle Non-skid base for safe prepping One step precision cutting Great for potato and sweet potato chips! Includes a medium blade for chopping and a fine blade for dicing, as well as a handy cleaning tool. 26 x 12cm..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 2428
Mince up your own meat for delicious home made rissoles, sausages and pies. For a change make minced meat jerky which is easy and delicious! No 8 Cast Iron Tin dipped construction.   Set includes 2 plate cutters (5mm and 8mm) and 3 sausage stuffing attachments  Easy disassembly and wash up...
Ex Tax:$45.00
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