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Weck Cylindrical Jars

Weck cylindrical jars are suitable for a range of uses: preserved asparagus, olives, dry goods, and pasta all look stunning in these tall elegant jars.  Suitable for waterbathing and pressure canning and available in sizes up to 1.5 litres.

Brand: Weck
Just in time for spring-cleaning and pantry reorganisation, Weck has released a new range of super mini jars. Super cute and super useful for a range of uses, particularly for storing herbs and spices. The jars come standard with a glass lid, rubber seal and 2 clamps per jar so here come Chris..
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Brand: Weck
6 x 340ml Cylinder Jar WECK  - 975 - includes glass lids, seals and clamps 1/4 litre (actual volume 340ml) Weck Preserving Cylinder Jar.  Takes Small lid and seal. Jars come complete with glass lid, natural rubber seal and 2 stainless steel clips. (Note that jars may be supplied with Rex li..
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