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Regular Mouth Ball Mason Jars

4 x Ball Mason 4oz Quilted Jam Jars and Lids x 4Ball Regular Mouth Quilted 4oz Quilted Crystal Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as jams, jellies, sauces, mustards and flavoured vinegars. The Quilted Crystal design adds a decorative touch to these multi-purpose jars  also use them..
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By popular demand!  Due to the overwhelming popularity of the heritage blue pints released in 2013, Ball has now expanded its product line to include blue jars in a range of shapes and sizes!The regular mouth half pints are approximately 240ml and are a popular size for jams, salsas and jellies...
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These mugs are used as moonshine glasses and as beer glasses in bars and restaurants all over the USA. A unique gift package for candles, lollies, homemade jams, etc. -- when emptied these mugs make fun drinking glasses.  Put a plastic lid on them and they make a great glass for a kids party or even..
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6 x Pint Green Heritage Collection REGULAR Mouth Jars Ball Mason 6 x Pint Green Heritage Collection REGULAR Mouth Jars Ball Mason
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2013 was the 100th anniversary of the first series of jars designed by Ball brothers, each jar intended to be better than the one before. 1913 saw the launch of the first true "Perfect Mason" jar.  1914 was followed by the "Perfection".  2014 is the second year of a series of limited edition jars be..
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