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Drench Guns and Drench Applicators

Drench Guns and Drench Applicators
A drench gun is a handheld metal automatic syringe capable of delivering a preset dose of agent, most commonly an anthelmintic (anti worming medication),
and with a variable dose up to about 300ml, via the mouth.  Oral drenchers are also commonly used to administer colostrum to newborn animals.
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Brass Nozzle suits reusable drench syringes

These heavy duty brass nozzles fit the reusable syringe.  Use to convert your syringe into a  ..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77

Calf Colostrum Drencher Bovivet Flexible or Rigid Probe

The survival of calves is dependent on them receiving at least 1.5 litres of good quality colostrum ..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

Calf Drencher JorVet 2L

A calf drencher is used to stomach feed young animals including electrolytes and colostrum. This..

$24.75 Ex Tax: $22.50

Calf Oral Feeder

Features a flexible zip top bag with hanging handle at the top.  The zip top allows for easy fil..

$53.25 Ex Tax: $48.41

Chrome-Brass Rumen Drench Pump

Chromed brass pump can be used for administration of large volume oral remedies, or for other volum..

$160.95 Ex Tax: $146.32

Drench Gun Blue Plastic 70ml Auto

Good quality drench gun manufactured in engineering grade plastic and supplied complete with silicon..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $90.86

Drench Gun Genia Large Bore 250ml

Based on our usual Genia drench guns, this gun has been especially modified for the administration o..

$132.25 Ex Tax: $120.23

Drench Gun Genia Manual

These extra-large manually refilled drench guns are most useful for large-volume dosing jobs, bloat ..

$95.00 Ex Tax: $86.36

Drench Gun Henke Drenchmatic 30ml

Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany, the Drench-matic is one of the world´s biggest selling drench gu..

$199.00 Ex Tax: $180.91

Drench Gun HSW Dmatic Drench Hook

Accessory nozzle for your 23ml or 30ml Henke Drench-matic. Preferred by many users for in-race dren..

$109.00 Ex Tax: $99.09

Drench Gun HSW Drench-matic Remote Hook

Remote-hook type nozzles are installed in place of the usual nozzle, the gun is operated in one hand..

$255.75 Ex Tax: $232.50

Drench Gun Oil 7.5ml

Genuine Genia quality silicone oil lubricant for Genia (or other) drench guns or auto vaccinators. ..

$7.75 Ex Tax: $7.05

Drench Syringe Agriplast

The combination of the high-quality AGRIplast syringe with a brass Luer-lock small-animal drench no..

$25.95 Ex Tax: $23.59

Drench-Mate Bucket Rumen Pump System

Giving large-volume drench quantities to freshly calved cows is now recommended and common practice..

$775.00 Ex Tax: $704.55

Drenching Utility Pack: Range of drench applicators

The Simcro Utility Pack is ideal for the small  block or lifestyle farmer. It gives the whole rang..

$66.50 Ex Tax: $60.45

Ezepak Drenching System

The Ezepak Drench System has been developed  to make drenching jobs easier. Instead of a hard cold p..

$109.25 Ex Tax: $99.32

Henke-Sass Wolf Drench Gun 10ml

 Henke-Sass Wolf Drench Gun 10ml Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany the  Drench-matic is one of..

$179.75 Ex Tax: $163.41

Henke-Sass Wolf Drench Gun 23ml

23ml Henke-Sass Wolf Drench Gun Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany the  Drench-matic is one of ..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $171.82

Henke-Sass Wolf Drench Gun 23ml Spare Parts Kit

23ml Henke-Sass Wolf Drench Gun Spare Parts Kit Spare parts kit for new 2005 onwards silve..

$32.50 Ex Tax: $29.55

Lamb kid Reviver Stomach Feeder Roslam

 The Roslam reviver is Ideal for feeding small lambs or kids, direct to the stomach via the ..

$34.50 Ex Tax: $31.36

Reusable Syringe for Drenches, Vitamins, Supplements with Optional Drench Nozzle

Handy small  or large animal single-shot drencher . This is a must have for every hobby farmer..

$14.25 Ex Tax: $12.95

Rumen Drenching System Complete Farmhand

The Farmhand rumen-drenching system comprises of a large double-acting chromed-brass pump with a bra..

$765.00 Ex Tax: $695.45

Simcro Drench Cydectin Gun 15, 30 or 60ml

Simcro  drench guns are manufactured from high-grade  engineering plastics which are g..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

Simcro Pour-On App Selectable Dose

Simcro pour-on applicators with smooth-action V-grip handle, selectable ‘dial-a-dose’ adjustment, an..

$66.95 Ex Tax: $60.86

Springer-Magrath Calf Drencher / Stomach Feed Colostrum Electrolytes

Springer-Magrath Calf DrencherA calf drencher is used to stomach feed young animals including elec..

$52.25 Ex Tax: $47.50

Stomach Feeder Calf Speedy Drencher Complete

This drencher uses a well proven design of rigid drench probe.This makes a very useful flow-adju..

$38.00 Ex Tax: $34.55

Stomach Feeder Lamb Kid Emergency Colostrum

 For administering emergency colostrum or  electrolytes direct into the stomach  using a 60m..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

Top Quality Drench Gun Blue Plastic Manual

Single-dose manual-refill drench guns made from  engineering-grade plastics. The hinge action makes ..

$74.95 Ex Tax: $68.14