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Bandages and Treatments

Cohesive bandages to help treat a range of sprains and injuries (useful for the farmer as well as the animal!)
Antiseptic sprays and dressings, including pinkeye treatment.

A very effective antiseptic and fungicide, with mild astringent properties. Especially suitable for use during dehorning, castrating or spaying. Comes standard in a convenient 250gm shaker bottle. Also available in 3kg packages...
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Chloromide aids in the treatment of tropical infections and bacterial skin diseases, wounds, cuts and abrasions.  Also repels biting flies and insects from wound sites...
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Debrisol is an enzyme wound spray which aids in the removal of pus and decaying tissue from wounds, ulcers and abscesses. It also promotes growth of healthy tissue and reduces scarring...
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Repel-X kills and repels flies and other biting insects from dogs, cattle, horses, pigs and all animals...
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This heavy duty bandage is highly adhesive for use when you really want the bandage to stay on in difficult conditions. Length 3.5m.  Choose your preferred width...
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Genia Strap Band Cohesive Bandage Bitter Taste is an elastic cohesive bandage with a bittering agent that aims to prevent pets chewing and tearing at their bandages. It is self adhesive, without sticking to skin and hair. Easy to apply. Self-adhesive, without sticking to the skin or the hair. ..
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Cetrigen Anti Bacterial Wound Purple Trigger Spray 500ml
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Contains an antiseptic to protect wounds from infection CETRIGEN contains cetrimide, a well known antiseptic compound with antibacterial properties that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the wound and helps to prevent re-infection. Infection is a risk to any wound, no matter how minor, and if it ..
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Andover Coflex is a cohesive bandage wrapping tape that is used to secure, protect and compress. Known as Coflex Tape or as Coflex Wrap, this Non-Adhesive Tape provides great flexibility for multiple applications in medical wrapping and bandaging. This product is manufactured by Andover and does no..
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This dressing is ideal as padding for dressing leg and hoof injuries. Features: Thick spongy high-quality cotton-wool dressing materia Non-woven gauze covering It gives good protection to the wound as well as absorbing any fluids exuded. Roll can be cut to length and shape required ..
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These fun, eye-catching bandages feature all the performance of PetFlex but with silver glitter to add that extra sparkle!  Self-adhering cohesive bandage. Glitter strand is woven into the fabric Controlled compression - will not constrict. Quick and easy to apply. EasyTear technology ..
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PetFlex is a flexible, cohesive bandage with quick and easy application. PetFlex is a cohesive bandage that is stronger than Vetrap. Unlike Vetrap, PetFlex has an easy, straight, hand-tear. PetFlex provides consistent compression and will not constrict down. * Made from elasticated fabric, the..
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Vetrap Bandaging Tape is the first choice in self-adherent veterinarian wraps. Preferred by the most veterinarians and professional trainers, Vet rap elastomer bandages provide superior support that stays put. The flexible bandage fits comfortably while conforming over tough-to-bandage areas like..
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