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Drink Accessories

Insulated drink bottles and coolers as well bottle openers and drink serving accessories.
Ball Sip and Straw Lids Pack of 4 Regular Mouth Ball Sip and Straw Lids Pack of 4 Regular Mouth
-55 %
Convert your favourite regular mouth jar into a drinking jar with the addition of these drink lids and large drinking straws.  The lid features a large hole which will fit the straw supplied: extra wide for drinking even thicker milkshakes, smoothies or vegetable juices. Lid is white and the stra..
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Brand: D-Line
Quality stainless steel corkscrew: whilst most wine bottles now are screw top, many French wines still come with a cork.   This corkscrew has a 2 part piece which allows you to open bottles with even the tightest of corks without breaking the cork doing so!..
Ex Tax:$8.18
Brand: D-Line
It's a really hot day and how good would a coldie be?  You open the fridge and discover to your horror: coldies are gone! Beer chill sticks to the rescue!  Beer chill sticks are made of food grade stainless steel which is both odourless and tasteless and they chill the beer from the..
Ex Tax:$19.95
Brand: Ozfarmer
If you love slurping on a fresh juice or smoothie, you will be in raptures to find these new eco friendly glass straws, now in a range of colours. Made of a glass called borosilicate (what pyrex dishes are made of), these straws are tough and heat friendly.  You could even use one to slurp y..
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Bent Stainless Steel Drinking Straw Bent Stainless Steel Drinking Straw
-29 %
Brand: Ozfarmer
  Stainless steel straws add an elegance to any drink and are environmentally friendly as a bonus!   Every year literally millions of plastic straws fill up land fills and cause death and injury to countless sea birds. Ditch the disposable straw and replace it with a reusable s..
$1.75 $2.45
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Brand: D-Line
Ideal brushes for cleaning preserving jars, drink dispensers and other large glass items. Includes a smaller brush on the end to get to those hard to clean places on bottles. Heavy duty brush. Overall length 54cm; brush 25cm Colour may vary from that shown...
Ex Tax:$9.05
Brand: General
If you use a variety of different preserving jars and are tired of trying to find an easy way to open them, this Jarkey is the perfect gadget! Position the jarkey on the rim of the lid and lever upwards to release the vacuum in the jar.  Can be used to open all types of preserving jars inclu..
Ex Tax:$11.77
Brand: D-Line
Need to keep food and drinks cool on the run?  The Cool Gems reusable ice pack is the perfect economical solution. Just put it in the freezer overnight and pop it in your lunchbox, esky or carry bag to keep things cool for hours. The perfect addition to our market totes. Ice packs are reusa..
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Brand: General
There are few things more frustrating than a jar you can’t open because you can’t get the lid to budge! This handy gadget solves the problem and for a wide range of lid sizes, from 2cm – 12cm.  The open securely grips the lid and maintains pressure with a spring loaded lever providing extra ..
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Brand: D-Line
Large Bottle Brush Ideal brushes for cleaning preserving jars, drink dispensers and other large glass items.  Heavy duty brush. One brush only. Overall length 44cm; brush 18cm..
Ex Tax:$9.05
Brand: D-Line
This little funnel is super cute and super handy!  Sick of trying to pour your hot sauce creations into a woozy bottle without a spill?  This little funnel will save all the grief! 5.5cm wide at the mouth and just 9mm wide at the exit point, this will fit our little hot sauce bottles. Also handy f..
Ex Tax:$5.41
Oasis Double Wall Reusable Coffee Eco Cup Oasis Double Wall Reusable Coffee Eco Cup
-31 %
Brand: D-Line
The Oasis Eco Cup is the perfect cup for coffee on the go rather than buying takeaway cups which fill up the landfill. The cup has a 300ml or 400ml capacity and has a sealable lid which can be easily twisted open to allow drinking out of the cup on the go. The double wall insulation means the ..
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