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Weck Tulip Jars

Weck tulip jars add an elegance to your kitchen.  They can be used for preserves as well as dry storage.  Honey looks fabulous in these jars and they also make a really attractive jar for serving desserts.

Brand: Weck
Just in time for spring-cleaning and pantry reorganisation, Weck has released a new range of super mini jars. Super cute and super useful for a range of uses, particularly for storing herbs and spices. The jars come standard with a glass lid, rubber seal and 2 clamps per jar so here come Chris..
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Rex mini tulip jars have a curved shape just like a tulip bud and make an elegant showcase for jams, yoghurts, mousses and more.  With a 220ml capacity, they are large to accommodate many sweet dishes or use as an appetiser. They are also perfect for gifts, candles and dry storage containers.  ..
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