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Grass, Lawn and Turf Seed

Village Green is a rapid establishing, hard wearing and economical all-purpose blend. It is suited to all lawns, nature strips, parklands and for general erosion control. It combines the ease of establishment with management, to make an all-purpose blend for any season. Perfectly suited to landscape..
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A dark green, deep rooted, disease tolerant blend.It has good wear tolerance and suits most soil types. The ideal choice for a home lawn.It is also suitable for oversowing or patching up fescue based laid-sod lawns.   Contains % of seed content RTF Tall Fescue       90% Kentucky Bluegras..
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5kg Home Budget Grass Seed Blend
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A hard wearing and beautiful lawn mix featuring40% couch40% Barorlanda Perennial Ryegrass Turf 20% Tall Fescue   Sown at 3 - 4 kg per 100m2    PREPARATION Heritage Seeds lawn and turf seed blends contain only elite varieties with proven performance in the Australian environment...
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Curator Mow Saver is ideal for situations requiring minimal maintenance. This blend has improved drought tolerance and lower mowing requirements, making it perfectly suited to berry farms, vineyard inter-rows, cemeteries and industrial or estate situations that require infrequent maintenance once es..
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Dual action blend allows An economical blend of Couch with the added benefits of a companion grass. Features:   Couch                        10% Ryegrass                   90%   Contains % of seed content   Curator Supertuff Couchfast establishment of ryegrass plus the long-term persistence..
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Dual action blend allows An economical blend of Kikuyu with the added benefits of a companion grass. Features:  Fast establishment of ryegrass coupled with the long term persistance and water saving features of Kikuyu   Contains % of seed content Kikuyu                      25% Ryegrass      ..
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Strawberry Clover Seed - Trifolium fragiferumFeatures:High nutritive value and productive through spring and summer Very grazing-tolerant and persistent Drought and water-logging tolerant; tolerant of salinity Attractive flowers for bees and can be sown in gardens to add colour and ..
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Improve soil structure Increase microbial diversity Boost soil organic matter and nitrogen Sowing rate: 40-50kg/Ha 5kg covers 1,000 m2 approxBlend includes Vetch 40% Ryecorn 20% Field Peas ..
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