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Electric Fence Testers

Brand: Thunderbird
Check the voltage of your electric fence to fix faults.By testing at different parts of the electric fence and using the digital voltmeter you can see where you may have shorts in the fence or bad connections that cause a voltage drop which results in the fence being less effective than op..
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Brand: Thunderbird
The Thunderbird Fault Finder saves time and money by directing you to fence problems and shorts fast. This advanced electronic fence fault finding aid is both easy to use and very accurate, resulting in the ideal electric fencing management tool.Displays voltage, amps and direction of fenc..
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Brand: Thunderbird
The Thunderbird Fence Flasher flashes a bright light to show that your fence is working properly.The unit emits a flash, the frequency of which is dependant on the size of the energiser and the condition of the fence.This can vary from every 2nd pulse on a large energiser to every 8th pulse ..
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Brand: Thunderbird
If you have an electrified floodway or your fence crosses a river or creek, it may be a good idea to fit a flood controller.This is basically an energy limiter, and prevents the immersed section of the fence from shorting out the entire system when a flood occurs.It minimises voltage loss ac..
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Brand: Thunderbird
A simple tester to help measure voltage along your electric fence: wherever you have a short or bad connection in the fence, you will experience a drop in voltage which will reduce the effectiveness of the fence.4 light levels to indicate the condition of the fence at the particular test point ..
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