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Model: 203533
Nylon mesh net contains hay whilst allowing animals to remove it through mesh. Useful for penned or confined stock, or for shows, field days, events, etc. Smaller mesh suits younger stock. Size 1: small net, 50cm deep, with 9cm mesh Size 2: med net, 80cm deep, with 9cm mesh Size 3: large net, 90cm deep, with 14cm mesh..
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Model: E4290
EQUIMEC Plus Tape combines the power of ivermectin and praziquantel to provide complete protection against all major equine parasites, including potentially life threatening tapeworms.   PRODUCT BENEFITS Broad spectrum roundworm, tapeworm and bot activity Controls all the important internal parasites Convenient-graduated trigger applicator Can be used at any age, and at any stage of pre..
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Model: 212209
Sweat Scraper and Shredder A stainless steel blade in a plastic handle. Fine sharp  teeth on one edge remove damaged hair quickly  and easily leaving just the clean undercoat. Blade  28cm long..
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Model: 3909
Species: HorsesRanges: Internal parasitesINDICATIONSBroad-spectrum horse worming paste that is up to 100% effective in treating all major parasites in horses including:Large strongyles (Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus edentatus, Strongylus equinus, and Triodontophorus spp.) Small strongyles including benzimidazole resistant strains (Cyathostomum spp., Cylic..
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Model: E2545
Oral broad spectrum control agent for horses in a low volume paste presentation. For treatment and control of all equine parasites including tapeworms and bots.   Active Constituents Ivermectin 18.7 mg/g; Praziquantel 140mg/g   Efficacy Up to 100% effective against: - Tapeworms - Large Strongyles - Small Strongyles - Pinworms - Ascarids - Hairworms - Large Mouth Stomach Worm..
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Model: 212473
Double thickness high quality webbing collars. Length 125cm x 4cm width.  ..
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Model: 203183
Even experienced breeders will find this simple rotating chart handy. Just set the inner disc to breeding date and all other important dates are indicated.These include: pregnancy, verification  by ultrasound, oestrus return, check blood stream, indicator checks and, of course, expected foaling date.Calendar is 22cm square. All  waterproof materials. ..
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Model: 204269
Standard leather punch tool with six punches for holes 2.3mm to 4.5mm diameter...
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Model: 218549
Stable Bucket Little Giant 10L - 218549 - Stable Supplies..
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Model: 3920
Flies and other insects can be a major concern for horses and their owners. The most effective way to deal with fly related issues is to kill the existing insects and deter others from returning. This is best achieved by using FLYAWAY, an effective and easy to use product.Kills flies and nuisance insectsThe active ingredients in FLYAWAY are highly effective insecticidal compounds. Perm..
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Model: 203299
Kit of handy items for grooming supplied in a zipclose plastic pack.Standard kit (red) includes  soft sponge block, Magic Block, soft brush, hard brush, hoof pick, plastic mane-and tail comb. Premium kit (blue) includes  soft sponge block, Magic Block, soft brush, hard brush, rubber grooming brush, hoof pick with brush, alloy mane-and tail comb.  ..
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Model: 212455
Nylon Horse Hay Bag The nice thing about using a hay bag instead  of a hay net is that there is no mess left in your  vehicle. Also hay is kept dry. Rings are provided  at the top for hanging by. A tie-strap loop is on the  back to secure the bag to fence or wall. Dimensions:  50cm deep x 50cm wide (effective). Full-width top  opening. This bag is strongly made with reinforced  edges all a..
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Model: 205832
Very strong bowl suitable for water or other feed or liquid. Wall mount. Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 16cm deep o.a...
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Model: 209727
Worming Bit Administering tubes of remedy to horses can be a  problem.   The new Dark Bay Worming Bit is an ideal solution. The required worming paste, mineral  supplement or other tube-based remedy is firstly  fitted into the plastic bit. The bit is then slipped into  the horse's mouth and the strap placed over the ears  where it is pulled up firm. The tube content can then  be expelled in a ..
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Model: 212459
Handy around farm block or stables, this set has height-adjustable extension handles making it suitable for adults or children. The plastic scoop  has a mouth opening of 31cm with good depth to hold plenty. The rake head is 20cm wide strong and lightweight.Owing to the bulky nature of this item it needs to be sent by courier so a quote on freight is required...
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Model: 18232
SWAT Insecticide for Horses will give effective control of biting and nuisance flies when used as directed.  The level and duration of control may be reduced due to high fly pressure or on working horses due to the effects of perspiration.  Used to control:     Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua)     Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans)    ..
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Model: 218550
Stable Bucket Little Giant 19L Black - 218550 - Stable Supplies..
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Model: 215000
This muzzle is to prevent a horse from eating. Available in 3 sizes, small = pony; large = cob. These are very robust, well-made, fully adjustable webbing muzzles with a smooth inner lining to reduce any chafing. The nose piece is made of thick rubber and allows the horse to drink. Muzzle can be used over a halter. A quality product from Equivet, Denmark..
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Model: 205843
Large strong plastic wall-mount trough ideal for dry or liquid feeds. Rounded bottom allows your horse (or any animal) to lick it clean. Dimensions: 38cm wide x 38cm deep x 25cm high o.a...
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Model: 202358
Very lightweight alloy scoop and rake. Use at shows, field days, events, etc. Scoop dimensions 30cm wide x 17cm high x 32cm long. Rake is 42cm long with galvanised steel blade 17cm wide...
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Model: 203536
This hay rack is ideal for setting up in temporary pens or paddocks for feeding small amounts of hay or for taking to shows etc.Easy to transport set up and take down. Easily stored away when not required. Sides fold in flat. Just hang or tie it on any convenient fence or wall. 60cm square made out of 6mm steel rod galvanised finish.Most suitable for smaller livestock...
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Model: 200392
Dura-pitch forks are light-weight but very strong polycarbonate, with wood handle. The deep basket design is ideal to get a better load, without fall-off on the sides. Many uses on the farm and around stables.Available in Large (30cm x 40cm) and Small (26cm x 30cm).  ..
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Model: 212024
Invented and developed in USA by Mr. Buck Wheeler, the Stableizer is now used by top trainers and breeders around the world to restrain and calm any horse, in particular for vet or other procedures. Testimonials claim that the Stableizer is better than drugs to calm an animal. Users claim the Stableizer creates an endorphin release, and calms the animal. Ideal for use during veterinary procedure..
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Model: 205848
Fresh water always for your horses with this nose-operated water bowl. Easy-touch water operation your horse will learn in minutes. Big plastic bowl with galvanised steel mounting reinforcement. Brass water nipple with 15mm (½”) water connection. Bowl is 24cm x 28cm wide x 9cm deep...
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Model: 217594
One of the great benefits of changing from a footbath to Hoofmat for lameness treatment and prevention, is the great reduction in highly toxic treatment remedies such as formalin and copper-sulphate entering into drainage systems and the environment.Hoofmat is now accepted as one of the most appropriate methods of treatment of lameness in cattle.The Super Dairy Hoofmat is made from extra-..
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Model: A2335
The EZ Milker was invented and developed in Minnesota USA by Mr Buck Wheeler.  Although it was developed originally for milking mares it is now supplied in models for sheep goats and cows but can equally be used on almost any other large animal if required.The EZ Milker is ideal for collecting colostrum either for immediate use or for freezing in the bottle for later use. (Extra bottles a..
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