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Drenchers and Drench

Drenchers and Drench
Most animals will require the administration of some sort of drench during their lifetime.  The most common drench is to fight against worms but can also include colostrum for young animals or vitamins and electrolytes for sick animals.   Drench can be administered via stand alone drench syringes or drench guns or using a backpack attached to a drenchgun which is more practical for larger numbers of stock.
We also carry animal drench including cydectin injectable.  Due to the relatively short life of many drenches we will only order larger quantity packs to order and shipping may be delayed by 3 - 5 business days.
Handy small  or large animal single-shot drencher . This is a must have for every hobby farmer first aid kit!This drenching syringe unit can be boiled to sterilise and is substantial enough to stand continued use. Very accurate dose  volumes.Excellent to use for feeding fluids to s..
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 For administering emergency colostrum or  electrolytes direct into the stomach  using a 60ml  syringe and a 35cm x 16Fg PVC stomach tube. Tube is specially made with side delivery ports to ensure safe flow into the stomach. Use with care...
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Paraffin oil has many animal and farm uses, but specially suitable for treatment of sand colic in horses. Also as a bloat remedy for cattle, goats and sheep. Available in 2 sizes...
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The Easy Drencher is a purpose-designed all-plastic bottle for safe and easy administration of volume drenches to mature cattle.Features:Easy-grip handle 1.2 litre capacity marked in 100ml levels 12cm-long safe plastic probe Wide 63mm neck opening for ease of filling...
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The Big Drencher is ideal for volume drenching of mature cattle. It uses a standard Easy Feeder calf feeding bottle with the Big Drencher probe.FeaturesWide 70mm-diameter neck makes for easy filling of drench products The good hand-grip ensures the bottle is easy to handle in a drenchin..
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The combination of the high-quality syringe with brass Luer-lock small-animal drench nozzle makes a very handy combination for repeated use. Use for dispensing drench or vitamins and supplements such as vitamin B and C. Can also be used for injecting with the use of Luer-lock needles. The whole s..
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Sykes Big-L Wormer for Poultry and Pigs 500ml
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A Levamisole Hydrochloride based wormer for poultry and pigsSykes Big L Wormer for Poultry and Pigs may be either mixed with the feed or given as a drench.PigsDrench- 5mL/10kg liveweight to a maximum of 70mL for pigs weighing 140kg and over.In Feed- Calculate accurately th..
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The survival of calves is dependent on them receiving at least 1.5 litres of good quality colostrum within the first few hours of life. They will usually receive this from their mother through their milk. If they are unable to receive it this way it is important to intervene as the colostrum contain..
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Red Cell Supplement for Energy and Stamina Red Cell Supplement for Energy and Stamina
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Red Cell Horse Supplement is a blood building supplement increases energy and stamina. Rich source of iron, vitamins and trace minerals. Yucca flavoured. Homogenized for maximum consistency. Give 1-2 oz daily with feed or orally.  Whilst indicated and tested for horses, it is also used on a variety..
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  Simcro rigid back-pack drench containers are  moulded in high-density polyethylene to withstand  heavy-duty use. They can stand on their base to fill and are then used in an inverted position for gravity  feed. A duckbill valve in the red outlet cap allows air inlet. This cap ..
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A calf drencher is used to stomach feed young animals including electrolytes and colostrum. This drencher has a flexible long probe and a flexible collapsible bottle helping ensure that all the liquid is delivered. The capacity is 2 litres which makes it ideal for drenching calves. Instruc..
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The Ezepak Belt is the ideal companion to the  Ezepak Vaxiholster. The belt is the same as supplied  with the Ezepak Drench System but with addition  of a special removable insert for the drench gun holder to make it ideal for packing a vaccinator.This insert part is also availabl..
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