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Kitchen Storage

Handy bags and containers to store your kitchen supplies and help keep food fresher for longer.
Model: 3650
Reusable Mesh Storage Bags (pack of 5) Kick the plastic bag habit with these 5 reusable mesh bags. Store fruit and veges or anything else that you might usually put in a plastic bag. Reusable, lightweight, machine washable and 100% polyester, these bags are a very versatile alternative to plastic. 30 x 35cm  ..
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Model: 41381
Eliminate the messes left behind in the refrigerator from sticky jars, dripping cartons, fruits and vegetables with the Envision Home Fridge Bin Liners! Line various areas inside the refrigerator with this unique liner to make life easier with less clean-up. They are so easy to use - just measure the bottom of the refrigerator tray, shelf or crisper bin and cut liner to the desired size. Place ..
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Model: 3644
Keep your fresh produce fresh for longer with these storage bags. Available in a range of sizes and types to suit the most common perishable items: Banana Storage Bag: when kept in the fridge it provides bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh from over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to stop it blackening.  The fruit will keep for around ..
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Model: Ham Bag
This ham bag helps keep your ham fresher for longer. No more slimey plastic bags! 100% natural cotton.  Comes complete with printed instructions on how to prepare and store your ham so it stays fresher for longer. The cotton drawstring top makes it easy to seal the bag keeping your ham moist and fresh. 45 x 55cm Pattern is beige and black and looks a little different to the image.  ..
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Model: 3615-2
Keep Fresh Fruit & Vege Fridge Saver Refill Cartridge only REFILL CARTRIDGE ONLY KeepFresh is a green cartridge that you simply place in your refrigerator vegetable drawer. It will keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 6 weeks longer and reduce your fresh produce wastage by up to 80%. KeepFresh works by removing ethylene gas. This is a gas that is produced naturally by fruit and ..
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Model: 80070
If you like spicing your dishes up with flavor, you're in need of a convenient spice storage system. The Elite Auto-Measure Spice Professional features eight 3.5 oz. spice bottles on a rotating base. Choose to either shake or pour out your spices depending on your need, and automatically measure out 1/4 tsp. with each click for simple and precise measuring. This spice storage system double stac..
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Natural Onion Storage Sack - Factory Soiled
-50 %
Model: Onion sack
  100% breathable cotton storage bag with blackout lining to help prevent onions from sprouting and spoiling. Cotton drawstring closure and side zipper for easy access. Size: 38cm tall x 27cm wide – stores up to 3kg of onions. Note that the sack has dust markings which should wash out...
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Model: 4325G
The quick and easy way to seal bin bags, bread bags, sandwich bags, freezer bags and nappy bags.  Sealabag is a discreet and versatile bag sealing device. Capable of sealing all sizes of bags from freezer bags to bin bags, the Sealabag is incredibly easy to use.   Sealabag can be used on a worktop or table - or it can be mounted on the inside of a cupboard or on the side of a kitchen unit.   Seal..
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