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Model: 4313
Chop, chip and slice to your heart's content with the Super Slicer!Featuring 4 changeable stainless steel blades, a safety guard to prevent cut fingers, and a storage container for the extra blades, this device will have you creating dishes that look like they have come from a restaurant kitchen!The kit containsExtra fine chopping / chipping bladeSmall chopping / chipping blade..
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Model: 82621
Tea Infuser Lid Attachment Suits Regular Mouth Mason JarChange your regular mouth mason jar into a tea infuser: make up a variety of teas to have chilled in summer.  Infuse tea in a larger jar ready to make kombucha in the same jar!Fits regular mouth jars Recommended jar size: 16 oz (pint, pictured) but can also use with quart jars BPA Free Food Safe Dishwasher Safe Jar not included (s..
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Model: 82613
Tealight Candle Topper Attachment Suits Regular Mouth Mason JarChange your regular mouth mason jar into a candle holder and storage jar!  The lid has an attachment which holds tealight candles and tapered candles.Fits regular mouth jars Recommended jar size: 4 oz ( pictured) but can also use with any quilted jar or regular mouth jar BPA Free Food Safe Dishwasher Safe Jar and candles no..
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Model: 4104
No farmhouse should be without a teapot for a good old fashioned cuppa!The teaology stainless steel teapot holds 950ml and has a removable infuser at the top for fuss free removal of tea leaves...
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Model: 2920
Get organised for Christmas, Yulefest or for winter comfort food!Available in a convenient 2.8 litre size.  Comes complete with lid. 2.8 litre 21cm diameter 16cm high ..
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Model: 3731
Make perfect toasted sandwiches and other snacks with NO mess in your toaster. Simply make your sandwich, place it in the toastabag and pop the bag in your toaster.In about 3 minutes you will have a perfect toasted sandwich.Quick, convenient, cleanHealthy - no added fats requiredYou can use toastabags to make a wide variety of toasted sandwiches or to heat up pastries, pizza slices..
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Model: 5281
Fresh tomatoes are a must in homemade salsa. To cut down prep time and make your life easier, utilize the Tomato Core-It and say no more to tedious slicing and cutting. This tomato corer's stainless steel serrated blade will grip and twist to remove stems and cores from the soft fruit, quicker than using a knife. It features a durable polypropylene plastic handle for comfortable use. Simply pr..
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Model: 4853
The Tovolo Ladle Clip keeps almost any tool within reach without creating a mess on your stovetop or in a spoon rest. Heat resistant silicone and internal spring create a firm grip on almost any pot or pan!Heat resistant silicone won't scratch your cookware Extra-large hook securely holds most tools Flexible clip expands to fit almost any vesselThese clips are a must have for anyone makin..
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Model: 3643
Slicing, lifting and serving watermelon just got a lot easier thanks to the Appetito Watermelon Slicer. Part tongs, part knife, this innovative stainless steel kitchen tool efficiently cuts, lifts and serves watermelon slices while keeping your hands and your benchtop clean. No stress, no mess, no sliced fingers and an entire melon evenly sliced and ready to enjoy in seconds, with the juice left c..
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