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Cases of Jars / Bottles

The most economical way to buy jars is by the case.

Most jars sold by the case come complete with closures, with the exception of Orchard Road jars.  

If jars come prepacked with their closures, we will not remove or exchange the lids but different lids can be purchased separately.

Model: FS16-88C
French Square Dairy Bottles (also known as French Squares) are a space saving and elegant way to present and store a range of products.Traditionally used in dairies for storing milk, these jars can also be used to store dry foods, sauces, body lotions and more.These jars have also become a popular way to serve juice, milk and kefir.MADE in the USACapacity 16oz (approximately 450ml..
Ex Tax:$6.00
1 x Gallon Clear Glass Growler Jar  (Lid not included)
Model: A128-08C
Large size loop jar / growler suitable for a range of liquids including beer, cider, kombucha, vinegar and more. Huge capacity jar with stylish carry loop makes the jar a feature in any kitchen or bar!These Gallon (128 oz) growlers take 38mm screw top lids. MADE in the USA.Capacity 128oz (approximately 3800ml)Takes Lid 38mm CT which needs to be purchased separately..
Ex Tax:$14.50
Model: 750ml Frescor juice bottles
750ml bottles in a pack of 10.  Perfect for juice, milk and sauce.These bottles have a 750ml capacity and take a 48mm twist top lid. *Lids not included*Suit Water Bath..
Ex Tax:$19.95
10 x  brand new multi serve glass bottles.  These bottles have rounded shoulders and a square base so make a perfect bottle for juices, milk and sauce.  They look just like the old style milk bottles.These sauce bottles have a 750ml capacity. 43mm lids are not included, lid colour may vary according to availability. Lids can be purchased separately click here.Suit ..
Ex Tax:$17.23
Model: 240ml ROUND JARS
240ml round  jars with no shoulders in a 105 pack. These jars are the perfect size for a range of uses including jams, chutneys, pickles, relishes, pesto, tapenades and more.Take a size 63mm lid available for purchase separately.Note that these are not tempered glass so are not suited to preserving methods that require processing longer than 10 - 15 minutes...
$74.95 $99.95
Ex Tax:$68.14
Model: G32-01C
These jars are easy to fill and clean having an extra wide mouth. They are smooth with no embossing on them.The capacity is 32oz which is just under 1 litre.The jars take a 89mm continuous thread lid (available separately).17cm high, 9.6cm diameter.Available in cases of 12 only...
Ex Tax:$27.23
12  x Pint REGULAR Mouth Jar and Lid Ball Mason Case
Model: Pint Regular Mouth Case
Ball Regular Mouth Pint (437ml) Glass Preserving Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as salsas, syrups, sauces, fruits and vegetables.Ball's famous glass jars and closures are ideal not only for fresh preserving but also for decorative uses and as perfect gifts.Regular mouth pints are nearly a staple size jar in any preserver's kitchen!  At Ozfarmer Australia , some..
Ex Tax:$21.77
Model: 1212
These mugs are used as moonshine glasses and as beer glasses in bars and restaurants all over the USA and are making rapid inroads in Australia.  Outside of their use as a drinking mug, they can also be used for arts and craft and gift giving.  They suit Ball Mason regular mouth plastic lids so use them with a drinking straw lid or put on a daisy lid for a really attractive jar for ..
Ex Tax:$18.18
Model: 1440081400
Ball Regular Mouth 12oz (340ml) Quilted Crystal Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as jams, jellies, sauces, mustards and flavored vinegars. The Quilted Crystal design adds a decorative touch to these multi-purpose jars and you can also use them for decoration and gift giving.The jars come complete with a single use flat lid that has its own inbuilt seal and a reusable screw..
Ex Tax:$35.00
12 x 165ml Weck Tapered Jars -  976
Model: 976 case
12 x 165ml Weck Tapered Jar - 976 - includes glass lids, seals and clamps  (Note that jars may be supplied with Rex lids rather than Weck branded ones. Rex brand is made in the Weck factory but does not have the strawberry logo on it)165ml Weck Preserving Mold Jar.  Takes Medium lid and seal.  A perfect size jar for serving desserts such as creme brulee as well as an e..
Ex Tax:$45.41
12 x 200ml Tapered Weck Jars - 751
Out Of Stock
Model: 751 case
12 x 200ml Weck Tapered Jars - 751 - includes glass lids, seals and clamps. Takes medium size accessories.  (Note that jars may be supplied with Rex lids rather than Weck branded ones. Rex brand is made in the Weck factory but does not have the strawberry logo on it) Super versatile size jars: can be used as serving dishes, storage jars or for preserving jams, salsas and chutneys. &..
Ex Tax:$45.41
Model: 902 case
220ml Weck Preserving Deco Jar.  Takes Small lid and seal. Cases of jars come complete with glass lid, natural rubber seal and 2 stainless steel clips.   If you do not require the accessories, choose the relevant single jar listing.  (Note that jars may be supplied with Rex lids rather than Weck branded ones. Rex brand is made in the Weck factory but does not have..
Ex Tax:$41.77
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