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Pressure Canner Accessories

We stock a range of accessories to suit Presto and All American pressure canners, including replacement gaskets, overpressure plugs, replacement handles, canner racks and other canner accessories.  
Some additional parts are not commonly requested but can be ordered by special order.

All American Pressure Canner  64 Bakelite Wing Nut
Out Of Stock
Model: AA-64
All American Pressure Canner 55 Pin for Clamp Bolt 64 Bakelite Wing Nut..
Ex Gst:$17.23
Model: 2040
All American Pressure Canner 2040 Rubber Overpressure PlugAll American rubber overpressure plug: suits All American pressure canners.The overpressure plug should be replaced every two years at minimum and whenever it becomes hard or deformed.For maximum life on the plugs, the opening where the plug sits should be checked and cleaned as required at least monthly during periods of use...
Ex Gst:$9.05
Model: AA-54
All American Pressure Canner 54 Clamp Bolt..
Ex Gst:$7.23
Model: AA-55
All American Pressure Canner 55 Pin for Clamp Bolt..
Ex Gst:$5.00
Model: AA-68
All American Pressure Canner AA-68 Pressure Regulator5 / 10 /15 psi weight regulator, suits all All American pressure canners..
Ex Gst:$36.32
Model: AA-72
Replacement pressure gauge to suit all All American pressure canners...
Ex Gst:$31.82
Model: AA-2164
This aluminium container is designed to fit the All American Steriliser Model 1941X.  Height 8 1⁄2" / 21.6cm    Diameter 11 1⁄8" / 28.3cm    Circumference 35 7⁄8" / 91.1cm    Capacity 14.5 qt / 13.7 liter    Volume 835in3 / 13,688cm3..
Ex Gst:$120.00
Presto 3 piece Regulator only suit Presto Canner
Out Of Stock
Model: 50332
This Presto Pressure Regulator is the 3 piece weight set needed to convert a Presto 16 or 23 quart pressure canner from a gauged to a weighted canner. It consists of a 3 piece weight set of 5-10-15 pound weights. 2 parts are rings that slip on to the 3rd stemmed piece which sits on the steam valve.As many canning recipes call for the pressure to be held at 11psi (the standard regulator supplie..
Ex Gst:$27.23
Model: 82248
The Presto Pressure canner dial gauge assembly is the assembly used to attach the dial gauge to the canner. It consists of the nut, a metal washer and a white compression gasket.The white gasket only can be purchased as a separate part...
Ex Gst:$14.50
Model: 27564
The Presto Pressure canner dial gauge assembly is the assembly used to attach the dial gauge to the canner.  This part is the white compression gasket which sits on the gauge shaft and forms the seal...
Ex Gst:$7.27
Model: 85772
Presto pressure canner gaugeThe Presto pressure canner steam gauge registers pressure readings during canning and cooking. Simple to install! ..
Ex Gst:$29.77
Presto Pressure Canner Interlock Assembly
Out Of Stock
Model: 85407
The interlock is the part on the side of the canner lid which locks into place when the canner gets to pressure.  It consists of 3 parts including the seal. Individual parts not sold separately...
Ex Gst:$14.50
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