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All things bull! Includes bull rings, nose punches and bull holders.  Also leads, harnesses and whips for bull showing.
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Bronze Pierceasy Bull Nose Ring

Our bronze Pierceasy bull rings come from Wagner USA, where they have been brand leader for many y..

$22.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

Bull Callicrate Bander Complete Castration and Dehorning Kit

This tool developed in USA is for the purpose of ensuring bulls can achieve the fastest possible gro..

$949.00 Ex Tax: $862.73

Bull Holder Bull Show Lead Stone Spring Close

Bull Holder Spring Close StoneMade in USA by Stone Mfg Co., this is a good quality easy-to-use b..

$34.50 Ex Tax: $31.36

Bull Holder Pliers with 1.5m Rope

The old favourite bull holder which is easy to work.  Supplied with 1.5 metres of good quality p..

$42.95 Ex Tax: $39.05

Chain Type Bull Holder Pliers

This model features a chain closure and locking hook for quick and easy action in all conditions.   ..

$33.25 Ex Tax: $30.23

Collar Leather Bull

These collars are well made and very strong. Tan oil-treated leather of best quality with heavy dut..

$125.00 Ex Tax: $113.64

Copper Hayes Bull Nosering

Hayes Veterinary own-brand self-piercing copper bull rings. Long lasting, totally proven in use. ..

$11.50 Ex Tax: $10.45

Economy Bull Nose Ring Applicator

Makes ring application quick and easy.   This applicator will do rings up to 77mm x 10mm with or wi..

$38.00 Ex Tax: $34.55

Karaka Bull Whip

Karaka Whips developed a synthetic whip that is great for all levels, from beginners to professional..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $154.50

Premium Bull Nose Punch

The preferred method for hassle-free insertion of bull rinds is to punch the nose membrane first. Th..

$255.75 Ex Tax: $232.50

Quality Bull Nose Ring Applicator

Quality Bull Ring Applicator Suitable for medium size bull rings.   Quick and easy piercing ..

$81.95 Ex Tax: $74.50

Quality Bull Ring Nose Punch

Quality Bull Ring Nose Punch Use to pierce the bull´s nose cartilage prior to insertion of n..

$122.75 Ex Tax: $111.59

Scrotal Measuring Wand

Taking scrotal measurements can be a risky job, not all bulls are impressed. This 60cm plastic wand ..

$95.00 Ex Tax: $86.36

Show Halter Black Leather Round Strap - Cattle Calf Cow Bull

Attractive round nose-strap cheek halter of sleek bridle leather with hand-rubbed finish.Hardwa..

$151.00 Ex Tax: $137.27

Spring Close Bull Holder

Our most popular style of bull holder, being easiest to attach and remove, as well as a compact styl..

$23.75 Ex Tax: $21.59

Stainless Hayes Bull Nosering

The best time to ring a bull is when it is  about 7 - 10 months old using a small ring.  Change to..

$11.50 Ex Tax: $10.45

Standard Bull Nose Punch

Use to pierce the bull's nose cartilage prior to insertion of nose ring making the job more animal f..

$53.50 Ex Tax: $48.64