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Castration and Dehorning

Castration and Dehorning
Model: 201106
Applicators are made in many places in many different qualities. This one is high quality at a low price guaranteed to give very good service. Smooth and easy operation. Check it for yourself. Pins open to 50mm/40mm x 30mm (sides)CASTRATION RINGS APPLICATIONLamb castration: pull the scrotum through the opened ring then with thumb and forefinger manoeuvre both teste..
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Model: 222203
These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market with production being continually monitored and tested.Consistency and reliability are guaranteed by the manufacturers.We offer small packets if you are just ringing a few animals at a time or larger packets for better economy.Packets of 100, 500, 2,000 (bucket) and 2, 000 (bucket)See our range of ring applicators.   ..
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Model: 215655
The Express debudder is made in France, and is supplied in a big heavy-duty carry case, complete with two cans of gas and spare parts. This case is lined with fire-proof material in the area where the debudder head lies, so the tool can be put away safely, even when hot. One of the nicest features of this tool is the pistol-grip style. This makes it very comfortable to hold and use. The fl..
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Model: 213689
This tool from Germany is our premium gas debudder. Ideal for the large-scale calf rearer. It is supplied in a sturdy metal carrying case, complete with two 110ml cans of liquid gas. Each can should give approximately 2-3 hours of operation. Cans are simply screwed into the GasBuddex handle. Lighting is by a press-button piezo igniter. Gas flow is controlled with a rotating k..
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Model: 215475
Buddex will do 12-15 calves per charge. Press the cold Buddex onto the horn bud. No need even to clip the hair. Pressing down on the horn starts the power. The ceramic NiCr wire element heats instantly to its 700 degree celsius operating temperature. At about 6 seconds the timer buzzer will sound to remove the Buddex. Total elapsed time about 20 seconds to debud a calf. If ru..
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Model: 201837
This is a must-have item for every farmer and is handy for your emergency/survivalist kit!  It is particularly useful for the owner or vet having occasional stock to dehorn. It can also be used for small cutting jobs and will cut small saplings.  This 50cm long, all stainless steel bridle, can be used with dehorning wire handles, calving chain handles or any other convenient hand..
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Model: 208826
High quality curved saw ideal for fast and clean dehorning of any livestock. Made from Japanese SK4 Sumarai sword steel with hard-chrome finish. Non-slip TPR grip. Hardened Tiger Tooth(TM) tri-edge fast-cut teeth leave cleanest possibly cut for least trauma. Blade length 32cm.  ..
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Model: 201721
Barnes dehorners offer a simple dehorning solution for calves up to about 15 months old. They are a low-cost tool used to scoop out the whole horn bud, ideally also with a ring of hair at the base to ensure prevention of regrowth.Use 32cm tool for calves up to eight months and 42cm tool for calves up to 15 months. Our economy dehorners are quite adequate for the task, ..
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Model: 218528
Use a quick spray of this prior to any mechanical dehorning. Freezing the immediate area tissue defeats pain. Use for any area where pain might result from a veterinary procedure. Easy-to-use aerosol.  ..
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Model: 216017
The Farmhand heavy duty dehorner has been designed to suit the high end of the dehorning market, where strength, reliability and light weight are important. The dehorner is made of all stainless steel, with Australian hardwood handles. The gear set is precision cast to create the most cutting force with the least handle effort. To aid in this the main pivot points are br..
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Model: 216016
High quality model from Farmhand. Fully improved model with new castings and heavy-duty hinge points. This is a higher quality tool with improved cutting efficiency. Quadrant-link mechanism for easiest cutting action. Cupped blades opening to 55mm. All stainless steel. Length 60cm. Weight 2.4kg.  ..
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Model: 209173
A heavy duty dehorning tool for calves through to about 4 months. Heat in furnace or fire. All stainless steel. Dimension is tip inner diameter: select from 19mm, 22mm or 25mm.Length 60cm. ..
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