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Pets and Working Dogs

We have a range of products for pet owners including dog muzzles, dog training whistles, collars and leads, feeding and watering bowls and more.

Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 200835
A Way of Life by Glyn Jones 1st editionGlyn Jones is an outstanding trainer of sheep dogs in the UK. He treats every dog as an individual. A Way of Life explains the evolution of his system and art, and gives full details of rearing, training and using working dogs.Hard cover with 175 pages full of photographs and diagrams. ..
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Advance Large Dog + Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken or Lamb 15kg
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: Adv Dog food
ADVANCE™ Adult Large+ Breed Dry Dog Food - Chicken or Lamb 15kg is a super premium food for dogs with select natural ingredients. Supports oral health through mechanical abrasion to help reduce plaque and tartar accumulation. Formulated to support vascular health and cardiac function. Also contains nutrients to support immune health, joint health, digestive health and a healthy skin and shiny coat..
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Brand: Imported Model: A3154
Garden hose connection to suit the automatic pet watererPicture shows complete waterer but listing is for the hose connection only which comes with connections on both ends. ..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: A7150
Made from quality leather with embossed lined edgesChrome rolled buckles and a welded O-ring Available in brownSize 1  35 x 13mm Size 2  40 x 16mm Size 3  45 x 19mm Size 4  55 x 25mm Size 5  60 x 32mm Size 6  65 x 32mm..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: A7103
Real leather lead with heavy duty white stitching Chrome plated snaphook Length 120cm, width 20mm Available in brown..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 201134
This cage basket, also known as a crush cage or squeeze box, is useful for tightly restraining a cat or other small animal whilst a veterinary procedure is carried out; eg injection, remedies, etc.The top opens so you can put the animal in easily, then the squeeze bars are pushed in to restrain it firmly against the other side of the cage.Easy release when the procedure is completed.Qu..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 220731
The Chow Hound Dog Feeder is a quality USA made product. Pet Lodge Chow Hound Feeder makes feeding your dog easy! The magnetized door stays shut until your dog nudges it open which allows food to stay fresh, dry and pest free.FEATURES AND BENEFITS: 24-gauge steel for durability Angled chute provides a steady food flow on demand No assembly required. Ca..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202058
Traditional galvanised dog chain with loop-and-toggle attachment system - proven over 80 years. The new idea these chains do have is a swivel thing in the middle, to stop any tangles. Galvanised snap hook. Handy chain to attach on anything up to 8cm diameter. ´Tested´ is tested breakage point.Small 1.9m x 2.6mm  Tested 150kgMedium  2.3m x 3.2mm Tested 300kgLarge  2..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202067
Heavy duty drover´s type collars suitable for dogs, goats, calves or other animals. Quality leather with heavy duty fittings. Price is per collar. Size 1 48cm long, 19mm wide Size 2 57cm long, 25mm wide Size 3 66cm long, 30mm wide Size 4 75cm long, 30mm wide..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202073
Made from double-layer double-stitched nylon webbing with heavy duty nickel-plated hardware. The unique feature about these collars is the thick padded neoprene backing to contact your dog´s neck. Be kind to your dog. Available in black only. Size 1 38cm long, 18mm wide Size 2 47cm long, 19mm wide Size 3 55cm long, 25mm wide Size 4 65cm long, 25mm wide..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202120
These muzzles were developed in New Zealand to solve the problem of dogs working in industrial situations, such as freezing works, where they are encouraged to make a lot of noise, but can not be allowed to bite. The solution was this extra heavy duty "industrial" muzzle. Made out of stainless steel rod and heavy duty vinyl coated webbing, they fit the dog snugly and comfortably. After a little i..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: A7041
A wider design suitable for working dogs Heavy duty coated wire construction High quality nylon webbing and quality fittings Adjustable head length and girth for a secure fit  Muzzle Snout Length Snout Diameter Neck Diameter 16.5 – 24cm 8cm 38 – 49cmNote: Measurements are indicative only..
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