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Pigs and Porkers

Pigs and Porkers
Model: 212513
Kamer is a recognised European brand. These forged steel emasculators are of very good quality but at reasonable prices. An optional Knee pad is aid to use of tool but fits only the 34cm and larger tools. Use emasculator to crush one spermatic cord at a time making two crushes on each about 1-2cm apart for 5 minutes each crush. (Do not crush both cords at the same time as this may be ineffective a..
Ex Gst:$117.27
Model: 205035
Make pig ringing quick, easy and painless. Designed for inserting our nickel plated and high tensile rings. (Rings go between nostrils.) Kamer, 26cm o.a. length...
Ex Gst:$39.05
Model: 205037
High-quality pig ring for greater reliability, reduced infections and longer life. Corrosion- inhibited high-tensile steel, with polished finish. Size 37mm x 6mm o.d. From Germany...
Ex Gst:$23.18
Model: 220593
These are medium-qualilty rings made from high-tensile steel for longer life. Corrosion resistant, polished finish. Dimensions 37mm x 6mm o.d. (Not as long lasting as our highest quality rings.) Available in 10-pack only...
Ex Gst:$36.32
Model: 208919
Combination stainless and brass water nipples with hexagon nut. Heavy duty for providing water to fatteners.  Drinking water is released when the animal bittes on it allowing for minimal water wastag Filter and flow rate adjuster incorporated. Available in 15mm (1/2") and 20mm (3/4")..
Ex Gst:$10.86
Model: 219320
This brush was developed in Scandinavia for keeping pigs happy in groups. It may help to relieve boredom and random biting and fighting, but it certainly helps combat itching and insects. Mount securely at the right height, depending on size of pigs. They should be able to massage their head, back and flanks. The brushes are replaceable. Very robust. Galvanised spring and frame. Brushes are eac..
Ex Gst:$308.18
Model: A6001
Stainless steel clippers for clean, close clipping of piglet teeth.15cm long.  ..
Ex Gst:$15.41
Model: 202382
Top quality ear notcher from Stone Manufacturing Inc, in USA.Die-cast aluminium, with heat-treated cutting plate. V-cut 3mm x 3mm. (Notcher incorporates a depth stop to reduce notch to small size required.)This notcher is individually hand finished. Ideal for new-born piglets. Length 13cm o.a...
Ex Gst:$113.64
Model: 203184
 Even experienced breeders will find this simple rotating gestation chart handy. Just set the inner disc to breeding date and all other important dates are indicated.These include: return oestrus, farrowing preparation, farrowing date.The gestation calendar is 22cm square. All  waterproof materials. ..
Ex Gst:$18.14
Model: 201075
Optional cleaning kit or service kit to suit Blitz Kerner Captive Bolt device.   The service kit contains mainspring and rubber buffer. ..
Ex Gst:$44.55
Model: 209386
Standard roll-up fabric tape.  Please select which type you require.Calf: especially for Holstein dairy calves from newborn to 280lb (127kg). Available imperial only.Veal: for estimated weights of veal calves from 65  to 460lb (30- 200kg). (Veal calves are presumed  to be heavier than dairy at same age.)   Available  imperial only.Dairy: three scale..
Ex Gst:$15.41
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