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Poultry Birds and Rabbits

Poultry Birds and Rabbits
Model: 205193
Smallest size poultry feeder.  Suitable for a small number of chickens or small birds. Heavy galvanising on all metal parts. Base is 21cm diameter and the overall height is 23 cm.Suitable for layer pallets as well as scratch mix and grain...
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Model: 216031
Smallest size poultry feeder.   Suitable for a small number of chickens or small birds. Heavy galvanising on all metal parts. Base is 21cm diameter and the overall height is 23 cm.Suitable for layer pallets as well as scratch mix and grain.Bulk purchase in cartons of 20 or 120.  Free shipping to physical address only (no PO box, Parcel Locker, Locked Bag etc). ..
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Model: 210849
Fake plastic eggs are used to encourage chickens to lay their eggs in a particular place. They can also be used under broody birds to encourage them to sit and incubate other eggs or even to raise day old chicks.This listing is for packets of 10 small plastic eggs, each of which is 40mm long x 30mm diameter, and weighs 11 g. They look just like a quail egg!..
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Model: 218149
This large plastic waterer will keep a large flock of chooks in water for days! Holds 18 litres of water and features a large lid for easy refilling, and a sturdy carry handle.Optional legs can be purchased separately to raise it off the ground to stop chooks scratching dirt into the bottom drinker section.60cm high x 17cm diameter. UV Safe.Quality European made product.Assembly in..
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Model: 213214
This big strong 20-litre bucket will withstand a lot of abuse. It is resistant to all chemicals or materials. The lid is 100% secure, even when a full bucket is rolled around or tipped upside down.Also completely child-proof...
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Model: 221438
This is a very big solid drinker, standing on 3 heavy-duty legs. Heavy-duty cap and handle on top for easy transport and refilling. Water outlet can be closed when being moved for refilling, or not in service. Reservoir is translucent with water level visible.  Drinker stands 62cm high, with a bowl lip 16cm high. Diameter 36cm...
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Model: Poultry Water Nipples x 3
  Transform any bucket into a poultry drinker!  If you have ducks and are sick and tired of them fowling your water, this product is for you!! The ideal poultry and bird nipple for both broiler and layer systems. For the free-roaming type homesteads, no more mess when the ducks want to swim in the water bowls!Perfectly waters your birds while keeping your litter dry. ..
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Model: 219391
These poultry waterer nipples turn any bucket or a poly water pipe into a poultry water device.Easy to manage.Keeps the water clean.Each nipple should accommodate up to 4 birds for minimal competition.Nipples should be mounted vertically.Drill a 9mm hole in the bucket bottom or in the underside of the poly pipe and simply screw straight in creating own thread. Recommended for ..
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Model: A8184
The problem with many chook feeders is that a lot of feed can be lost due to chooks scratching.This feeder is all galvanised metal with anti feed loss holes.It also features an opening lid and removable grillOther useful features are the hanging hooks so you can hang it easily at a height that is a big more challenging for rodents.It also has viewing windows on the rear so you can ..
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Model: 217474
This is a top-of-the-range boot cleaner. Easy-to operate tap is connected to regular water supply. Water is fed into the brushes. A sanitiser or detergent feed line is incorporated into the upper assembly. This can be used to draw from a bottle placed behind the cleaner. When the tap is turned on venturi action draws additive into the wash water, helping to cleanse or disi..
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Model: 218262
Brooder Lamp Ceramic Socket with 2m Lead. Create your own brooder/incubator!..
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Model: CHOOK100
Chook Forage Mix Seed Spring / Summer Variety Organically CertifiedGrow a green crop for your chooks to forage amongst.Provides extra feed at leaf stage or allow to seed for grain heads that your chooks can feed on.  Also provides extra shelter. 500gm will cover approx. 40m2. Winter Mix contains Oats, Barley, Spinach & Pak Choy. Simply broadcast and keep moist for 5-..
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