Rearing, bottles and teats

Rearing, bottles and teats
Aids for rearing lambs, kids and crias including feed bottles and a range of teats.
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Adopta Lamb Mothering Restraint - suits sheep and goats

This harness is a simple and effective mothering-on aid, particulary useful for maiden ewes and does..

$38.00 Ex Tax: $34.55

Feeder Bottle Lamb / Kid , non vac

Over the years, we have bottle raised many baby goats, and having tried numerous diffferent bottle t..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

Feeder Bottle Lamb / kid , non vac - replacement teat only

Replacement teat for the non-vac lamb bottle. (Bottle not included: for illustration purposes only)..

$4.00 Ex Tax: $3.64

Fostering Oil Macwells 40mls

Macwells fostering oil has been around for many years, and is relied on by sheep breeders throughout..

$37.95 Ex Tax: $34.50

Hanging Lamb Feeder Bottle

This  clear plastic lamb feeding bottle can be hand held or suspended. It holds 1 litre of milk a..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

Lamb Feeder Easy Feeder

Feed several lambs on one bottle-full with our 2.5 litre Easy Feeder. This bottle uses our popular '..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Lamb Feeder Easy Feeder Teat and Cap Assembly

Teat and Cap assembly for the Lamb Easy Feeder (1-speed) 207496...

$7.95 Ex Tax: $7.23

Lamb Feeder M1 Rail-hang

This single-place lamb feeder hangs over standard fence railings. It is also being used in a novel ..

$43.75 Ex Tax: $39.77

Lamb Feeding Bottle 2L

A solid 2 litre feeding bottle with a practical handle Ideal for lambs as they get stronger..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77

Lamb Feeding Bucket with Excal teats

Big easy-to-fill bucket simply slips down over a suitable rail to be secure. Six pull-through teat..

$40.95 Ex Tax: $37.23

Lamb Kid 4 Place Feeder Milk Train Rail Hang

Another great new feeder from the makers of the Milk Train calf feeder is the new Milk Train for lam..

$66.50 Ex Tax: $60.45

Lamb Kid Feeding Bucket 10-place Rail Hang Automatic Lamb Kid Feeder

This 10 place lamb and kid feeding rail bucket is big and strong and holds up to 20 litres of milk. ..

$159.00 Ex Tax: $144.55

Lamb Kid Feeding Bucket with 6 teats

Big easy-to-fill bucket simply slips down over a suitable rail to be secure. Six pull-through teats..

$34.95 Ex Tax: $31.77

Lamb Macs 25-pack

Protect new-born lambs. Reduce deaths, improve growth rate. One size fits all. Pull over head and p..

$35.50 Ex Tax: $32.27

Lamb Teat Latex for Small Lambs

These high quality natural latex rubber teats are especially suited for new born or very small lambs..

$2.25 Ex Tax: $2.05

Lamb/kid feeding bottle

  Excal lamb/kid feeding bottles come in 2 different types.   The lamb feeder has a lightw..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $8.64

Navel Dip Cup

Very durable container and dip cup for navel dipping. Use iodine or other sanitiser. Dip whole nave..

$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.59

Pritchard Lamb / Kid Teat suitable for very small lambs and kids

The Pritchard teat is the closest in shape, size and texture to a real teat and so is preferred by o..

$4.45 Ex Tax: $4.05

Refractometer Colostrum Dairy/Equine

To ensure maximum antibody protection is given to new-born calves, four litres of good quality..

$85.50 Ex Tax: $77.73

Stomach Feeder Lamb Kid Emergency Colostrum

  For administering emergency colostrum or  electrolytes direct into the stomach  using a 60m..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

Supreme Lamb Kid Feeding Bottle 2.5l

Supreme Feeders are made to the highest standards Robust construction and features an ergonomically..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Supreme Lamb Teat

Our supreme lamb teats will not leak from the tip and will only flow once the lamb is feeding ..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.09

Teat Cleaning Brush

Small nylon brush for easy cleaning inside of calf and lamb feeding teats. Possible other uses clea..

$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.14

Teat For Lamb / Kid Natural Latex

Natural Latex Lamb / Kid Teat  These latex teats are 'baby' quality. The natural teat is very sof..

$3.50 Ex Tax: $3.18

Teat Intake Elbow Excal 10pk

The EXCAL teat intake elbow is supplied plain or with stop valve. The valve enhances suckling for n..

$5.95 Ex Tax: $5.41

Teat Intake Elbow Milkflow 10pk

The Milkflow teat intake elbow is used to enable a ‘gravity’ teat to empty all the milk from the bo..

$10.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

Teat Kid Lamb Nursing Excal

This smallest and softest of our EXCAL lamb teats is as used in our EXCAL Topper lamb feeder. These..

$2.25 Ex Tax: $2.05

Teat lamb Bucket/Bottle Red Rubber

Replacement teat only for the Bottle Handing Lamb Feeder...

$4.00 Ex Tax: $3.64

Teat Lamb/Kid Excal Grower (black)

Our ‘Grower’ lamb/kid teat is designed to replace our Little Softy (white) lamb/kid ‘starter’ teat ..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

Teat Lamb/Kid Excal Universal each

The Universal lamb/kid teat can be used on a variety of bottles, or on ´calfeteria´ type feeders wit..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.09

Teat Lamb/Kid Lambar

Well known lamb and kid feeding teat, which can be used in a ´calfeteria´ type feeder. The teat can..

$2.95 Ex Tax: $2.68

Teat Lamb/Kid Little Softy (white) each

Our ´Little Softy´ lamb/kid teat has been designed especially for use in our gravity lamb feeders. T..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

Teat Lamb/Kid Soda Bottle each

Very handy teat which fits on any standard cola or soda bottle. Cut an X in teat end with razor, or..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00

Teat Topper Lamb/kid feeding

The Excal Topper is the most versatile lamb and kid  feeding device available.  The nice solid ..

$3.75 Ex Tax: $3.41

U-Bond masking agent to aid adoption of newborn animals

U-BOND is a masking agent that enables “mothering on” of young animals to new mothers.  U-BOND can ..

$23.95 Ex Tax: $21.77